Best Persian Restaurants in London

If you're looking for an Iranian restaurant in London, you’ve come to the right place. There are more than 70 Persian restaurants in London, and Best Iranian lists them all.

Most Persian restaurants serve Halal food, including the very popular Alounak, which has two branches, Alounak Westbourne Grove and Alounak Kensington. Kish, Hafez and Behesht are also highly rated and recommended Persian restaurants in London. But there are plenty of other options with their own specialities and budget.

Persian cuisine is both delicious and varied. While it’s generally quite meat-heavy, there are vegetarian dishes, too, for example, Shirazi salad, a refreshing dish of finely chopped cucumber, tomato and red onion, and Kashke Bademjan, an aubergine dip eaten with freshly baked bread.

For carnivores, many Iranians have a favourite kabab, be it Koobideh (a kebab of minced beef), Joojeh Kabab (barbecued chicken) or Kabab Barg (fillets of beef, lamb or chicken). Then there are the stews – glorious, hearty and full of flavour. Some of the more well-known Persian stews include Ghormeh Sabzi (herb and lamb or beef), Fesenjan (chicken, walnut and pomegranate) and stew) and Gheymeh (lamb or beef with split yellow peas, sometimes topped with crunchy potato strips).

Of course, most dishes come served with fluffy white rice. Tahdig, the crispy part of the rice at the bottom of the rice cooker, is considered a delicacy, and, at home in Iran, family members will often fight over who gets the biggest serving. Tahdig should not be confused with Tahchin, which is rice cooked with saffron, chicken and yoghurt – also delicious.

If you are looking for something sweet, there are also many Iranian patisseries in London, especially around Finchley and Ealing.

In addition to your nearest Persian restaurants and patisseries, you can also find Iranian cafes and shisha bars here on Best Iranian. We have other categories listed, too, such as Iranian travel agencies, currency exchange and other businesses.