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About Kish Persian Restaurant

If you're looking for the best, and a real taste of Persian cuisine then look no further. Kish restaurant offers a greatest service and quality of Persian food in a warm and relaxed environment.

Service in Kish Persian Restaurant is always delightful; the food beautifully prepared with fresh ingredients, the bread, baked in front of you in the Persian oven (Tanoor) by the front window deserves special mention. Kish Restaurant is situated in Kilburn High Road, North West London

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Love Kabab Koobideh

London is home to a thriving Iranian and Persian food scene, with dozens of restaurants across the city offering classic dishes like kebab koobideh. Camden Town and Kilburn boast bustling food scenes with highly-rated hidden gems, so I set out to review two acclaimed Iranian restaurants in the area and experience firsthand their tasty offerings and cozy spaces.

I landed on Kish Persian Restaurant, an Iranian restaurant located in the Kilburn neighborhood of London, having 4.2 stars reviews from 2,137 diners. Intrigued by the promise of delicious Persian cuisine, I decided to give it a try.

Location Review
Kish Persian Restaurant is conveniently located near two Kilburn subway stations, making it accessible for those in the Westminster borough. Positioned on the edge of Central London, it sits in a sweet spot that caters well to visitors from the west and north. However, those traveling from the south or east may find it a bit less convenient.

Half star

Service Review
The service at Kish Persian Restaurant left me with mixed feelings. While the staff speak Farsi and were friendly and accommodating when taking my order, there were instances of confusion regarding seating arrangements. The restaurant comprises multiple adjacent spaces, and the insistence on seating us in a less desirable area, despite our preferences, was a bit frustrating. Additionally, miscommunication about complimentary items and a surprise charge for bread and tea were notable drawbacks.

Half star

Portion Review
The star of the show, the koobideh, presented a generous portion that was both lengthy and substantial. However, the rice portion fell short, leaving me to rely on bread to complete the meal- always a bad sign as an Iranian! I just ordered the main dish with no sides included. A more ample serving of rice would have been appreciated.

Half star

Price Review
Priced at £15 for the koobideh, Kish Persian Restaurant falls slightly above the average range for similar dishes in London. While this is still reasonable, additional charges for bread and tea should be considered. The total cost falling within the average range, so I would give it an average rating. .

Half star

Quality Review
On the plus side, the rice was impeccably fluffy and buttery, while the koobideh had a delicious, well-balanced flavor. The starters, including the bread, shirazi, and olivia, all showcased excellent quality. Even the tea at the end was a delightful experience. This restaurant triumphs in delivering a memorable culinary experience.

Full star

We've settled on a three-star rating for Kish Restaurant in Kilburn, London. While sharing my personal experience, I recognize that others might have had diverse experience—some better, some worse. I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments, fostering a more comprehensive understanding for potential diners. My hope is that these insights can serve as constructive feedback for Kish, help them in improving their offerings for an enhanced dining experience. If you're a fan of Iranian cuisine, this may be a spot worth exploring, with the hope that your experience is even more enjoyable.

Thank you for accompanying me on this culinary exploration. Expect more koobideh reviews not only in London but also from various corners of the globe and also explore my other reviews.

Total Stars: 3 stars out of 5

Watch my full review for Kish Persian, London on Youtube at
youtu. be/U-E-AKcVVGA?si=zXwKYH49BEwT94lq

Om Shakti

The best Persian restaurant. We had our daughter birthday. The owner and amazing staff here gave the most comfortable and fantastic service to make a memorable night for my seven year old and our guests. Thank you very much Kish restaurants management.

Yasmina Slim

We come here every time and get the same plates. We met Murad the manager, he is very sweet like a father to everyone there and he introduced us to new delicious flavours! The food is amazing and you SHOULD try the chicken here!

Faiza Mansoor

Wow, I was totally blown away by this place! I've been living in Kilburn for 20 years but this was my first visit to Kish. Food was amazing, portions very big and service super friendly. Will definitely be back.

The mix grill for 2 which would have easily fed 3 adults. Fried aubergine was really flavoursome and meat very tender.

Amir Navazani

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Kish Restaurant, and despite the busy atmosphere, I was impressed with the overall experience. The staff went out of their way to find us a table, and their friendliness and helpfulness were much appreciated.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the food. Every dish we ordered was delicious. The flavors were rich and well-balanced, and the presentation was appealing. The menu offered an excellent variety of options, catering to various dietary preferences.

However, I would be remiss not to mention one aspect that fell short of expectations - the cleanliness of the bathroom. Unfortunately, I found it to be quite dirty during my visit. This was incongruent with the otherwise impressive standards at Kish Restaurant and could be a setback for those who value cleanliness in dining establishments.

Despite this minor setback, I highly recommend Kish Restaurant for its exceptional food and welcoming staff. The minor issue with the bathroom should not overshadow the overall experience, as it did not hinder our enjoyment of the delightful meal.

I look forward to returning to Kish Restaurant in the future and hope they address the cleanliness concern in their otherwise outstanding

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