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About Cafe Persia

Persia Cafe offers a full range of breakfast dishes, delicious Persian sandwiches, fresh salads and Iranian main dishes, both meat-based and vegetarian to suit all the preferences. All the hot and cold foods are prepared and cooked fresh daily to ensure they deliver the best quality and taste to their customers.

At Cafe Persia, they provide fresh juices, freshly blended smoothies, Shakes and also Hot Teas & Coffee. Cafe Persia is located on North End Road; just seconds walk away from Golders Green station.

Listing Features

  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Private Dining
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews


Sandwiches (made as wraps) were soooo perfect! Toppings and sauces were really nice.
Sandwich was huge and its price accurate (even quite low;))
I recommend chicken one and with falafel, only salami was mediocre
The owners were so kind and funny😊 it was a pleasure to be there

Aryan Afshar

To get decent food go on weekends and only order food if the day so you know it was made fresh. Avoid ordering anything other than the dish of the day. I don’t know but I kind of get the vibes that not everything is totally fresh here . I ordered the barberry rice with chicken and it was fresh and delicious. Definitely surpassed the same dish served in any other Persian restaurant. It was well presented and it the chicken broth was really nice. The portion could have been a bit larger though. I also ordered fresh water melon juice and it didn’t disposing either. This is the kind of no-thrill Persian restaurant. The decore is pretty old and it looks like it can do with a makeover. That being said the fellow serving me was pleasant.

Merieme A.

Very disappointing place.
Owner/chef doesn't know anything about customer service. When i told him what is this ? He replied: if u don't like it , leave it and insisting that pizza should be like this.
They said meat is halal @-@'
Never again.!

Nes Çelik

we tried iranian tea, french fries and pizza, their taste was amazing, we liked the environment and atmosphere.

Thaa Purist

I walked into the shop, and it was empty, the Decor was nice, and so was the person who served me. I pressed the button on the table to let them know I was ready to order, I was greeted by a man who said “I know just the thing for you” and went off. He came back with a plate of food that he believed I would like, the food was very oily and did not have a lot of taste to it. He then said that the food he gave me was £16. I looked at the menu and meals offering more food than I was given was worth a lot less, for example the full English breakfast is £8, while I got a naan bread, potatoes and sausage cooked in onions, a table side salad and an orange juice.

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