Cafe Persia

2 North End Road , Golders Green, London, NW11 7PH
Open today: 07:00 - 21:00

About Cafe Persia

Persia Cafe offers a full range of breakfast dishes, delicious Persian sandwiches, fresh salads and Iranian main dishes, both meat-based and vegetarian to suit all the preferences. All the hot and cold foods are prepared and cooked fresh daily to ensure they deliver the best quality and taste to their customers.

At Cafe Persia, they provide fresh juices, freshly blended smoothies, Shakes and also Hot Teas & Coffee. Cafe Persia is located on North End Road; just seconds walk away from Golders Green station.

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Usie Bekele

Usie Bekele

3 weeks ago

I have tested their nice hot chocolate!

m alsati

M Alsati

a month ago

The food was way too expensive and did not taste like iranian food. The worst food i have ever had. This is second time first time i was drunk and yet still didnt taste nice this time i ate it because i paid. Why would you charge service charge for a place and location like this. The boss makes me hate the place the staff are nice. This guy doesnt deserve to own a restaurant he should be a uber driver.

Save your money and eat at home and thank me later.


Lord Pug

Lord Pug

a month ago

TL,DR; The girl is sweet, the boss is passive agressive, food was nice and the bathroom was clean.
The girl that work there is such a sweetie. She was patient with me when I was very tired and didn't understand what she said (been away from England for a while, accents strike me quite hard everytime I come back). If you read this: You were great, be more confident in yourself.
I didn't like the boss. He was being passive agressive in everything he said, not just to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he meant to give great service; but he constantly checked up on things the girl already did. He kept checking if she had taken orders when she clearly had already gotten me a drink and went to prepare my food. And he kept saying things like "Is this enough space for you? You're sitting at a table for 5". Sorry man, your place was completely empty when I walked in, I had a lot of luggage and there was pleanty of big tables if a big party was to come in.
To the boss: Treat your staff better. To me it looked like you felt like you had to check up on everything the poor girl was doing. I was once in that situation. Sure it was good money when I really needed it. But I was vastly over worked and had to do stuff that I wasn't hired for. My boss constantly said that I wasn't good enough. I saw myself in her and she deserves some respect from you. You can run a great place if you just give her some respect and praise for the work she is doing. Don't take it for granted just because she works for you. If she does something good, point it out instead of thinking it is just her job. And stop being so passive agressive to customers.

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