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About Hana Restaurant

Hana restaurant is located on West End Lane, West Hampstead and offering a variety of hot and cold starters, charcoal Grill, Persian stew dishes.

With the goal of bringing great home-cooked Persian food into the lives of many Londoners, Hana Persian restaurant is always there to provide fantastic service and a unique experience for your senses. Small, friendly & with a bit of an understated boutique feel to it, you feel relaxed as soon as you walk into Hana. The food is always fresh and full of sensational taste!

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Listing Features

  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Private Dining
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews

haji haji

Just wow! The food was fabulous, the staff was amazingly helpful and professional specially the guy with a long hair. Great atmosphere and cozy for any meetings or family gathering.
Also, recently another salon added to the restaurant which makes it perfect to have any parties or birthdays.

highly recommend for the people who are foodies and looking for great service!

Sajad Soorni

I had an amazing time at Hana Restaurant. The ambiance was warm and welcoming, and the staff provided exceptional service. To begin, we savoured the delectable Chicken Wings. I chose the Qorme Sabzi, and it was a truly delightful dish. My cousin went for the Chenge Kebab, which was wonderfully marinated, juicy, and equally delicious. The best part was that the prices were very reasonable, offering excellent quality of food and service for the value.

Michael Wyss (snackthatginger)

So we went here by recommendation of one of our group. And Hana did not disappoint! The assortment of dishes was great, not to overwhelming but also enough variety, that there is something for everyones liking. The food was obviously delicious. Not to spicy if one might worry. I did not ask for more heat, because I was too distracted with the tasty goodness itself. However, I am sure, the friendly waiter would have helped me out. He was very kind, calm and helpful. Also the food came very quickly. So a thanks a lot goes to the waiters and the kitchen.


Very poor customer service and average food. I invited 4 French and Italian friends to introduce Persian cuisine. Despite an advanced online booking I called the restaurant to prevent any unexpected situation that could potentially disturb the night. We ordered drinks and whilst waiting for the rest of our party to arrive a lady who introduced herself as manager informed us we can have the table only for 2 hours ( have to leave at 9) as they mistakingly had made double booking for that table. She was neither apologetic nor showing any respect to suggest an alternative! In fact she was confrontational telling me I hadn’t asked them for how long that I could have the table, when I challenged her for the inconvenient short notice! We left around 9:30 and they had at least 2 tables empty and we didn’t see any 5 people arriving for the DOUBLE BOOKED table!!!
Also, the food we had was average quality and as a Persian foodie person I can say by no means was authentic. GHALYEH MEYGOO was strangely sweet chilli with only strong coriander flavour ( uncharacteristically),Ghormeh sabzi which is a signature Persian dish and you should make an effort to get it right if you have it on your menu was oily and lacked flavour. montepulciano red wine and Chenin Blanc white wine was tasty and fruity though.
For sure, we won’t go back again.

sneha lizbeth

Random pick for Sunday lunch and turned out to be the best. From starters to desserts, food was amazing. The waitresses suggestions was spot-on as well. Would definitely suggest this restaurant for authentic Persian food.

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