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About Narenj Restaurant

Narenj Persian Restaurant is situated at Kingston Upon Thames, South West London by the River Thames. It is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Persian food with dishes full of superb flavours. At the heart of its spirit lies the fruit that the restaurant is named after, Narenj (Bitter Orange).

This contemporary styled Persian restaurant offers a selection of authentic and delicious Persian cuisine. Narenj Restaurant always aims to serve their diners with the highest quality ingredients and freshness to bring out the best of each authentic flavoured Persian dish.

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Listing Features

  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Private Dining
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews

Ben 8

Fantastic quality food. Perfectly cooked everything with authentic flavour. Persian food is not your everyday kebab. There is a different touch here and a must try place for when in town.

Daniel Kheirandish

If you’re looking for traditional Iranian restaurant then this is the place to go! With a nice vintage decor, really has a lot of character. The food was delicious, and the service was great.

Sophie Vijayasinkam

This restaurant is really nice. The food is okay. However I truly believe what makes a restaurant better is the people who work there. It makes a unhappy customers happy if they see a motivated, happy face serving. The main gentleman who was taking care of the serving and greeting guest did not have a smile on his face, did not greet us at the door and rushed us to our seats. I brought my 2 year old daughter with us. Our Order arrived however my husbands chicken was uncooked. When we called him over an told him he then gave us another plate and took my existing plate away instead of my husbands and told my husband he had enough food and he can't bring another plate over. The Gentleman didn't even care to listen whose order wasn't cooked and just assumed. I understand we are not a big party of people however I should report this to the Health Office of UK. When we were leaving the gentleman realised we were upset and asked us how everything was and my husband explained it to him. I advised him that we cannot serve children uncooked meat. He felt bad and gave us a take away box of the same thing we ordered. The point is if you are running a business please try to be more attractive and serve your less party of people nicely. My experience here was terrible. I will never go back and never recommend this place to anyone.

Ramin Nejad

I have pleasure of sharing my experience with anyone might be interested to spend a few hours in a very warm welcoming atmosphere. Staff were extremely polite and caring. Tables were set beautifully. Food was amazingly delicious. Interior design remarkably represents an introductory acquaintance to Iran and its cultural elements. food diversity tastes give you a unique opportunity to try Iranian foods. I strongly recommend to give it a try.

Oliver Porsa

Great spot, food was perfect

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