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About Molana Restaurant, Ealing

Molana Restaurant is providing outstanding quality of Persian cuisine and great service to their each customer. The first branch of Molana restaurant is located at Uxbridge Road, Ealing, West London.

You can enjoy their delicious and traditional Persian cuisine which all are freshly made everyday. Molana restaurants offer an elegant dining experience in a relaxing and romantic environment.

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  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Private Dining
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Google Reviews

Hina Rehman (H1N4)

This visit was for an iftaar with work colleagues. As it was a large group everyone arrived at different timings. The food order was placed after iftaar. The server was prompt and took our order with no mistakes. It took 40 minutes for the food to arrive. By that time our hunger started to die. The restaurant was packed hence the slow service. We ordered something else after the order was taken but this time the lady messed it up. She completely forgot to add it to our main order. We cancelled it in the end. Food was ok in taste. Food delivery to the table was slow but the staff were attentive.

nasrin kiani

THE best place in London for PERSIAN food excitingly when Iā€™m visiting from USA . With extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere with AMAZING and tasty dishes.šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ
Staff are attentive and friendly, decorating is mixture of luxury and traditional Persian style.
I highly recommend for local also for anyone traveling to London to visit this place.

Sama Badvi

The staff were polite and nice, but if you want to get sick and get poisoned, come here. I have never eaten kebab with this awful quality. The price paid was not at all the same as the quality of the food and what we ordered.
If you care about your health and the type of food you eat, I do not recommend this place at all.šŸ‘ŽšŸ‘Ž

Jamie Thomson

It's Christmas Day today and I'm working so for I treat myself to some nice Persian cuisine we have Persians within the family that are excellent cooks and also i have eaten in lots of Persian restaurants and got takeaways and got to say this is absolutely delicious and absolutely enjoyed it The hot starter was amazing beautiful balance between the aubergine and the garlic and slightly smoky the bread was fresh and cooked perfectly the lamb kebabs which is that this world the rice was light and fluffy would highly recommend one of the best ever The restaurant was very busy when are collected the food probably attribute to the quality Will definitely try the chicken next time can't wait

Jtan Styla

Walked passed this restaurant several times and couldn't resist the smell of their grilled food. Finally decided to check this place out and I gotta say their staff are super trained and hyper aware. Eye contact and clearing of meals, as well as immaculate timing on bringing on the next rounds. They don't serve alcohol but they allow you to bring your own, to which they will serve you with. The food itself is splendid, with their meat being so flavoursome and tender. Definitely original taste here if you're looking for something new. I'd recommend

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