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About Mahdi Restaurant

Experience the taste of classical Persian cuisine at Mahdi Persian restaurant, located in Hammersmith

They always aim to bring a delightful experience to their customers with the highest quality of authentic and home-cooked Persian cuisine with outstanding service. Mahdi mostly famous for their specialities in home-made traditional grills, homemade stews and various rice dishes.

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  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Private Dining
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews

Aliyah Sumar

I have visited this restaurant a couple of times and really enjoyed it. The seating is lovely and the service was great. The meat was lovely. We ordered the platter for 3 people and 2 people and the mixed mezze at the start with naan. It was lovely. I would really recommend this place.

Sabina Ali

This place is about 10mins walk from the station right after all the shops on the high street. At 5pm it was quite busy and you know the food must be good if there are Persian and middle eastern people dining in there. The restaurant decor is wonderful with lovely vibe, the portions are big and I enjoyed the fresh flat bread. The grill food is wonderful, fresh with lovely fluffy tasty rice. I ordered a dish which has way too many berries but this could be how it’s served traditionally but the food itself was great. Definitely ask what’s in the dishes if you don’t like berries/fruits in your food. Waiters are lovely here but i am sure this place gets busy 7pm onwards on a Friday. It was quite busy at 5pm but not full. I would definitely come back and try something different else, slight more pricey than expected but the portions are big enough for two people!

Mubin Demirci

Every city has an authentic soul. I believe it. People's experiences in every city could be good and bad, these experiences are a very strong impact on you.

I visited this restaurant 8 years ago when I first came to London, it always maintains the same quality and spirit.
The food is delicious and the ambiance has soul.
The staff reflects the spirit of the Middle Eastern people, they are helpful and caring.

This had the biggest impact on me.

Jelly Fish

Great food, really great food... even for just one person! It wasn't a particularly busy Monday afternoon and I honestly came at the perfect time. I was literally the only customer there (other than two take away orders), naturally I had lowered my expectations. The food turned out to be so nicely cooked, delicious and big portioned! The bread was warm and fluffy, the hummus creamy and nicely seasoned. The star of the show was a simple lamb over rice. It was served hot and delectable. I had so much to eat and left happy, I am looking forward to my next visit.

Jennadel Pablo

The food was delicious!
The setting of this restaurant was beautiful! It felt you were in another country/on holiday!
The staff and service were lovely, friendly, and quick.
The bread they provide is freshly made and you will see this as you enter the restaurant, which was cool!
We ordered two mix grills and it was AMAZING! There was 7 of us and 2 mix grills were enough to share.
Overall, it was a wonderful place and worth it! I definitely recommend this place and I will be back again.

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  • Tuesday11:30 - 23:30
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