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About Mahdi Restaurant

Experience the taste of classical Persian cuisine at Mahdi Persian restaurant, located in Hammersmith

They always aim to bring a delightful experience to their customers with the highest quality of authentic and home-cooked Persian cuisine with outstanding service. Mahdi mostly famous for their specialities in home-made traditional grills, homemade stews and various rice dishes.

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Listing Features

  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Private Dining
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews

Sandeep Paul

Definitely the best Persian food in London! Always go here to eat and never had a bad experience. Good sized portions so you’ll never go home hungry.

Cesar Garnica

Bad Service. I was having dinner in my own and ask the waiter where was the restroom. When I came back to my table, my food and drinks where already gone. They brought it back from the kitchen, but not the bread left never did. I simply paid and left the restaurant.




The best food ever 😋 in london buuuuuuut a little bit expensive 😁

Alice Martin

Been here twice now to eat at the dining room and both times the food has been delicious and on point! They often have a limited specials menu each night that sells out pretty quickly so make sure you ask your waiter early on what they are and place an order for it sooner than later so they can keep one aside. The ambience is great and service is generally good thought it can get busy at times. Make sure you make a booking if you are eating in the dining room!
In terms of food, take a risks and try the different cuts of meat!

Alyna Bashir

The best Iranian food in London. Me and my husband are huge foodies and this beats any other Iranian restaurant hands down. We have tried many places in London for this cuisine but Mahdi is number one. Even if you are not from the area it’s worth the trip. After you eat here you’ll never eat from another Iranian restaurant ever again. Others I’ve spoken to feel the same way too. Thank you for never disappointing us. Value for money and very very satisfying and yummy food. 10/10.

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  • Monday11:30 - 23:30
  • Tuesday11:30 - 23:30
  • Wednesday11:30 - 23:30
  • Thursday11:30 - 23:30
  • Friday11:30 - 23:30
  • Saturday11:30 - 23:30
  • Sunday11:30 - 23:30

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