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6 Porchester Place , Edgware Road, London, W2 2BS
Open today: 12:00 - 23:30

About Colbeh Restaurant

About a short walk from Paddington and Marble Arch Station, Colbeh Persian restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Persian food with dishes full of colour, texture and superb flavour. Each bite of any of Colbeh dishes tells a different story originating from the heritage of Persian cuisine.

This contemporary styled Persian Grill is located at Porchester Place, Edgware Road, and offers a variety of Hot and Cold Starters, Charcoal Grill, Persian Stew Dishes.

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Rose Bloom

in the last week

Absolutely the rudest people and worst service I have come across in London. So much for Persian hospitality, I was told at the end of our meal "if you have finished, can you leave as we have people waiting". The restaurant was not that busy, it was 9pm. That was after being served our starters, and along came the mains after 5 minutes, which then got cold because this dinner was meant to be a relaxing and sociable meal, which is often the case when we meet up with friends! When I mentioned politely, that wasn't the nicest of comments to make to paying customers, the head waiter started shouting back at me! I left, and commented, the fact he was shouting back, was enough to know what an awful low standard place this is. Goodness - I have eaten here before, not always the best standards, but passable. However now, never again.

Abdulla Albinali

a week ago

The food at Colbeh Restaurant deserves a five star rating. The food is genuinely great. The staff on the otherhand deserve a one star rating. They were not rude on the day I went but they did not look to be in the mood to work or do anything. They just seemed like they couldn't be bothered. My wife who went to Colbeh frequently says we got them on a good day as they are usually much much worse and can be quite rude. The thing is, I'm not talking about one or two members of staff, all the staff there seemed to be in a horrendous mood. Personally I would not go there again..I can live without having to go to Colbeh. I'm certain the day will come where the staff will eventually bring an end to Colbeh.

Mohammed Abd El-Ghaffar

2 weeks ago

RUDE RUDE staff! I wish if there is no stars at all. We went with our friends we were 3 couples and one of us had a baby, four of us reached earlier we already informed the waiter that we are 6 adults and a baby. When our friends reached with the baby he was like no you can’t stay the trolley will block the way, we said but we did mention that before then we asked him is it possible to move us to a different table and the restaurant was quite empty he said no I can’t in a very rude way. I asked him so you want us to leave he was like yea. We were all really shocked from his response. Unfortunately I couldn’t leave as it was bit late and because we were six with a baby it was difficult, otherwise I would definitely gave left the place. to be honest this is one of my WORST EXPERIENCE EVER IN MY LIFE. He was extremely rude and moody with other customers too!
Just to be fair I did like the food.

Reply: Thanks for getting back. This was on Sunday between 7.3 pm and 9 pm, the man was short bit wide with black hair mixed with grey hair he looked like he is in his 40s, but please I don’t want this to cause any harm to him. So just let him know that his was is inappropriate.
Thank you

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