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About Shah Abbas Restaurant

If you are looking for great Persian dining experience in North London look no further than Shah Abbas Restaurant, where you will experience the delights of Iranian food from people who know it best. The menu consists of everything from light snacks to delicious grills, all served with the understated elegance synonymous with the culture of Iran. Shah Abbas Restaurant is located in High Road, North Finchley

Adding an extra special something to your dinner, you can enjoy live music on Friday and Saturday evening. Outside, you will find Shisha lounge where is the perfect place to enjoy a great flavoured Shisha with a pot of Persian tea. 

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Listing Features

  • Halal
  • Live Entertainments
  • Shisha Lounge
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Private Dining
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews

marina ahmadi

Was a lovely place and food was OK. However was slightly disappointed for being charged £7 for something we didn't order, - the waitress bought the aubergine starter and we thought it was complimentary and had literally 3 small bites of it. Please train your staff well or atleast one waitress to serve per table to prevent mishaps.

Ali Kamkarfar

Great food and nice and friendly staff. Forgot to take a pic of the lubia polo which was top notch! Ordered one main to share between 2




Ordered salad oliveh and
Kobudeh and bread
Everything was delicious and had 25 percent off
If you like Persian food then this is nice option for north London I usually travel 1.5 hours for my usual place but this May of replaced it

Hana Hana

The service is poor, we waited 15 minutes before the waitress came to take our order. Waited 20 minutes to get our starters only for them to make a mistake. We had ordered 2 fresh breads but only received 1 (we were later charged for 2). I asked the lady to bring us another bread as there were 4 of us and we were having a starter platter, but the lady forgot to bring it (again). This turned out to be a blessing as the bread wasn't too nice, it tasted too doughy.

Also for starters we ordered the Tadig with Gheimeh. This was quite possibly the worst I have ever seen and tasted. The Gheimeh looked stale and quite possibly left over and pre heated, the Tadig itself was soft and falling apart. Also the presentation was off putting.
The starter platter, especially the Mirza Ghassemi was very nice.

For mains we orders 1x Chelo Kebab Koobideh, 1x Joojeh kebab with salad and 2x chelo kebab momtaz. The 2 momtaz dishes came out first, after a few minutes the Jooje kebab came out and after about 5 minutes the Kebab Koobideh came to the table. By the time the kebab Koobideh came out the Momtaz was cold. The waitress didn't even care or seem bothered that all the dishes were coming out at random times even though we were a group of 4.

We asked for chili sauce and the waitress gave us the Thai chili sauce pictured. I've never known any Iranian to have Iranian food with Thai chili sauce, it's so wrong and the flavours will not complement each other. I know because I ended up trying it. That turned to be a horrible mistake because once we finished eating we noticed the chili sauce had expired a few weeks ago.
I showed the waitress and she took the bottle and made a weak blatant lie claiming they refilled the bottle with the chili sauce and that's not the actual bottle. There was no apology or anything, she just walked off.

£110 later and an upset stomach we left never to return back there.
Overall it was a horrible experience and I would not recommend Shah Abbas to anyone. In an area where you have an abundance of restaurants and plenty of Iranian restaurants you would expect better.

If I were to rate the food it would be 3 out 5 stars.

ahmed nassrullah

Amazing place should go for sure .. this restaurant is a bit different from other Iranian restaurant, the design so nice and food above expected, so nice and cooked well .. the service also nice and fast with smile face .. the place clean with lovely hygiene.
The prices good not cheap and not expensive.
You can park your car there after 6pm freely in side roads or earlier there are many paid car park.
Definitely I will go back again one day soon.

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