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About Berenjak Restaurant

Berenjak Persian restaurant located in Soho, just off Romilly Street, London. The energetic streets of Soho, in the West End, feature a variety of dining, nightlife experiences. The project is the first Persian venture for Kian Samyani and the realisation of his dream to combine the best of traditional and contemporary Iranian hospitality in one of London’s finest restaurants.

Berenjak restaurant serves tasty, authentic Persian dishes from hot and cold starters; charcoal Grill and Persian stew dishes and indulgent desserts – all in a uniquely designed restaurant.

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  • Private Dining
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews

Amarah Memi

One of the best Persian food places in London. The Kebabas were juicy and tender . The hummus is some of the best I've ever tasted. Defiantly pay extra for the zereshk ontop of the rice it adds depths of flavour. I wasn't a fan of the sour cherry and Saffron sekanjabin it tasted like vinegar so I wouldn't order that as a drink again.

AJ Davison

Such a brilliant restaurant - the food is outstanding and some great wines.
Highly recommend eating at the counter and watching them cook, the Feast menu has a lot of food and is great value for money and you get to try a bit of everything!
Special mention to Shantanu who even remembered me from 2 years ago when he worked at De Beauvoir Deli, made us feel very at home and welcome!
Can’t recommend this place enough

Pavan Mason

This place lived up to the hype! Unbelievably tasty Persian food - with a special shout out to the grilled meats.

As expected, it's incredibly busy however they always leave a few walk in tables and as we didnt have a reservation we got to the restaurant at opening time and were seated straight away.

It's a small restaurant and as seating is limited, you may be seated on the bar or in a crowded corner however I'd say the food is worth it.

We ordered both the chicken and lamb kebabs and the house rice and flatbread which were all delicious. Would definitely recommend but it is quite expensive so probably worth reserving for a special occasion!

Salman Matooq

impressed by the exceptional quality of food. Despite the wait due to no reservation, the experience was remarkable. The ambiance of the small space is inviting, and I must say, Berenjak offers the best Persian cuisine I have ever enjoyed. The flavors were truly worth every pound.

R. R.

First time visit today and Berenjak is probably one of the few restaurants in London where the hype is real! The food is as good as expected, a combination of flavours you don’t normally get at other Persian restaurants in London. A real treat and a food memory that you will remember. I recommend pre-booking at least 1 month in advance to avoid disappointment and counter seats. The restaurant itself is quite small so expect queues outside before opening time. The food is indulgent, delicious, copious in size, and the only dessert on the menu the baklava ice cream sandwich is absolute perfection! Berenjak is definitely a must visit in London!

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