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About Hafez Restaurant

Hafez Persian restaurant is long established and is one of London's first authentic Persian Restaurants. At Hafez restaurant, all the cuisine is a fusion of ancient Persian and Modern Iranian techniques. At Hafez the goal is to deliver superior quality Persian cuisine and services that customers deserve.You can find this little gem in the back streets of Notting Hill, London.

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Listing Features

  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Private Dining
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Google Reviews

Nejude Al-Ibrahim

Amazing starters:
Shirazi Salad

I forgot to take photos as the food was really delicious and we were so hungry.

Our order was:
- fesenjan with chicken
- gheimeh bademjan

with saffron rice and asked them to add zereshk on top.

We were craving faloodeh but we were not sure if they had any desserts, so we jusy asked the waiter to know if they had faloodeh and saffron ice-cream, he said of course!

I can %100 say it was the best faloodeh I have ever tried in my life. - you can see the photo below-

Maziar Javidan

The best Persian restaurant in London…period!

I’ve been coming to Hafez for almost 8 years now. As a Persian who lived in Iran until adulthood, I can tell you that the food is as authentic as you can get.

The restaurant is family-run and it truly feels that way when you step into the beautifully decorated environment and are greeted by the extremely attentive and friendly staff.

Persian food is known for its Kababs, and nowhere does it better than Hafez. Koobideh Kabab is the king of all Kababs, however the Barg Kabab here is also delicious, amazing and tender, something which is extremely hard to do.

Their Kashk-e-Bademjoon is almost as good as my mother’s! I order it everytime I visit.

They are also very accommodating, offering off the menu items such as Tahdig with your Khoresht of choice, or grilled onions and peppers when asked.

All in all, can’t recommend Hafez enough!

vera s

Delicious traditional food, very fresh greens and nuts. I loved the lentil soup and the rose sorbet in particular. We were 5 people with different dietary preferences and all found the experience good. The atmosphere and the decor were nice too.

Nick Ghateh

Hafez persian Restaurant

I've known this restaurant for almost 25 years, but I hadn't been here since 2019. It has a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, although they seemed a bit inexperienced.
In the past, this place was known for being one of the best Persian restaurants around. However, I'm sad to say that the quality and taste of the food seem to have gone downhill. During our recent lunch visit, I found the food to be just okay. It really needs more attention to quality, and the flavors lacked the authentic seasoning I remember. It felt like the chef might not have been Iranian or perhaps was having an off day.
I genuinely hope they can make some improvements because they used to be outstanding in the past.

Dimitri Schritt

Great decor and excellent food! The bread was warm and fresh from the oven, just perfect. I also really enjoyed the hummus and the Kashk-e Bademjan and the hummus. The charcoal grilled kebabs were juicy and flavorful. The rice could have been better, but aside from that, it’s definitely a 5/5.

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