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About Faanoos Restaurant, Richmond

Faanoos restaurants are based on a style popular at the Tehran Bazaar of 500 years ago. With the unique and friendly environment together with the traditional and authentic Persian cuisine, Faanoos is the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family.

They always aim to serve you with the highest quality ingredients and freshness to bring out the best of each unique flavoured dish. Try some Iranian Cold and hot starters with the wonderful Persian Naan, which is baked in the traditional oven (Tanoor) in the restaurant. As well as creating a relaxed and cosy setting with quality food and drinks, Faanoos has also thrived to offer an efficient, friendly services to their customers. The first branch of Faanoos restaurant is situated at Upper Richmond Road, South West London only a few minutes away from Richmond Park and Sheen Station

You can find other branches of Faanoos restaurants below:

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Tim Goldsmith

2 weeks ago

I went on a Tuesday recently in the Government eat to help scheme.I walked in at midday there was a woman selfishly sitting with a screaming child dominating the whole restaurant,she looked very proud,it was outrageous.I quickly sat outside,it was drizzling and I sat under cover,the greeting was cold and unfriendly from a young girl.She gave me a menu but was abrupt and unfriendly again,I’d had the aubergine dip year’s ago but couldn’t remember what it was called,she snapped at me saying “well what do you want “,I nearly left! I had a bad glass of tepid red wine and the dip arrived with bread,it was ok,I had the same again and another glass of tepid red-I asked for some chips too.The second dip appeared but no chips,eventually I had to get up go inside and get my chips,they came-stone cold.Personally I won’t be going back,save your money and go and find a smile elsewhere...

Johann Delaunay

a month ago

The food is good and fairly traditional. The sizes are good and you will be pleased with the flavours however, the place was a bit dirty around and in the toilets + we felt a bit like being asked to leave in a hurry at the end and the service wasn't entirely great. Overall, it was good but, it could be better. My view is that the restaurant is more orientated around take away, rather than the restaurant itself.

Veronica Marx

2 months ago

متشکرم Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate my birthday. The staff were patient - It took a while for me to order. Generously there were a couple of items that didn't appear on the bill.
My grandson mentioned how he saw our bread being taken to their clay oven and cooked. Good for him and us.
If your highest priority is the quality of your meal then Faanoos delivers.

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