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About Faanoos Restaurant, Richmond

Faanoos restaurants are based on a style popular at the Tehran Bazaar of 500 years ago. With the unique and friendly environment together with the traditional and authentic Persian cuisine, Faanoos is the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family.

They always aim to serve you with the highest quality ingredients and freshness to bring out the best of each unique flavoured dish. Try some Iranian Cold and hot starters with the wonderful Persian Naan, which is baked in the traditional oven (Tanoor) in the restaurant. As well as creating a relaxed and cosy setting with quality food and drinks, Faanoos has also thrived to offer an efficient, friendly services to their customers. The first branch of Faanoos restaurant is situated at Upper Richmond Road, South West London only a few minutes away from Richmond Park and Sheen Station

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Listing Features

  • Takeaway
  • Private Dining
  • Halal
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Outdoor Seating

Google Reviews

Terri Leahy

Beautiful place in Chiswick I can’t believe I’ve never visited before yesterday! Really lovely atmosphere. Polite and friendly staff and good quality food! The setting really makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of London, good music, good options. Just great!




We ate in for our first time last night. The food portions were heaping, we had a starter and mixed grill for two with a side of bread, pot of Persian tea, beer and were so stuffed walking home was a lot.

The atmosphere is charming: lots of oil paintings, posters and gorgeous textiles, a heaving shelf of old ceramic pots, walls done up in wattle and daub that made us feel like we were in a Persian village rather than East Sheen. The lighting was low and music not too loud.

The staff was slammed as clearly this place is well loved. Sadly, a very entitled woman made an embarrassing (for her) scene because she had to wait for her take away order. I ask her: What do you expect from a small and popular restaurant on a busy Friday night?! She loudly complained her order is always wrong… but on that logic, why does she keep coming back?! Clearly the food is worth it to her, even though she acted like a petulant toddler for all to witness. She should have gone to papa John’s for the wait she desired. Or maybe got herself a ready meal from Waitrose. Or even Order take away like a normal person on Uber Eats or Deliveroo. You can even call it in ahead of time. Sheesh.

The price for two, with drinks and 2 courses was £61. I think nowadays that is a reasonable date night meal. 4 dishes total and 4 drinks.

My husband and I left happy and felt more bonded than we have in a long time. It was an excellent date.

Angie P

We had this restaurant recommended to us by our AirBnB guide as we were staying nearby. We were not disappointed!! We enjoyed the fresh bread baked in the clay oven by the door, the other food was plentiful and delicious. I had a Persian ice cream which is one of the nicest puddings I've had. So nice We went back the following night!! The prices are VERY reasonable for the area. I wish there was one closer to where I live. I'd definitely be a regular!

Michael Pozzi

Went here for a family reunion. We were a group of 11, so we took up half the restaurant. It is a cosy place, but not cramped. The food and service was good. Most of us went for the Persian classic of chelo kebabs and rice. I love the way they make the thin bread in the large stove.

Anjana Silva

A great Turkish restaurant in Upper Richmond Road. Very friendly / respectful staff. The interior decoration is quite unique and attractive. We had Lamb skewed meals with saffron rice and salad and some naan. Their food is very flavorsome and large in portions. Pricing is very reasonable a meal only cost us £8.50. The waiting time is well under 10 minutes. You can either sit inside or sit outside. The view and restaurant is very cozy. Washroom is quite compact and hot, also cleanliness of it can be further improved. I recommend this place to any who seeks a delicious Turkish meal. Thanks.

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