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About Lavash Persian Restaurant

Lavash Persian restaurant is one of London’s greatest authentic Persian Restaurants, located only a few miles away from Golders Green station, Temple Fortune, London. Their cuisine is a fusion of ancient Persian and Modern Iranian recipes.

This contemporary styled Persian Grill offers a variety of Hot and Cold Starters, Charcoal Grill, Persian Stew Dishes. You can enjoy their delicious and traditional Persian cuisine which all are freshly made every day. Lavash restaurants offer an elegant dining experience in a relaxing and romantic environment.

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  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Halal
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Parking

Google Reviews

Amer Abbas

Like the food was good but it just kind of lacked that warm Persian hospitality. No complaints about the food. Just the vibe I think I prefer a more middle Eastern/Central Asian touch

M Ansari

Unfortunately there is no zero star, the food doesn’t worth a penny, for kubbida they don’t use visible meat I think they put too much flour and not cooked properly. If you don’t want to waste your money like me please don’t go.

They charge extra for the service charge but in menus they show you it’s included.

Fufu Saeed

On the menu they says service charges included but when you come to pay they saying not include!
Unfortunately they don’t use meat properly in their kobbida also using too much butter and salt. They bring crispy rice with extra soft rice mix with water!
There is no zero star i can select.
As first time been to this feel regretted.

Kiomars Nezhadi

They easily overcharge us £10 for two salads, waiter told us Shirazi Salad is super good with our Kebab and your order includes Salad as well so instead of regular salad I’ll bring you Shirazi Salad! However, at the end they charge us £10 for two small bowls of salad!
The manager of this restaurant was super polite however they didn’t accept this fault.
When you order please pay attention on what they will charge you for!

Abdul Khayum

Another gem you have to try. The food was lovely and cooked to perfection, with just the perfect amount of spices. Especially loved the tender meat and succulent chicken pieces which went lovely with the sweet and puffy rice.

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