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About Caspian Lounge, North Finchley

Caspian Lounge is all about perfecting the taste of Iranian-style Pizza, Burgers and Sandwiches. There are plentiful sandwich fillings, meat-based and vegetarian for all dietary preferences.

They have a huge menu full of Sandwiches, Pizza and Burgers that will make you feel like you are in Iran. You will not want to miss out this hidden little gem located in North Finchley, London.

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Listing Features

  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Free Wifi
  • Parking
  • Shisha Lounge
  • Private Dining

Google Reviews

Janet Deci Bell

Came to this place for the second time today and had a really lovely lunch again. The guys here always make really good suggestions about what to eat so if you're unsure that's really great. Everything I've tried here has been delicious, and the staff have been amazing. The only problem is it's up a big step and so not wheelchair accessible which is a problem for me, but not something that's really changeable with the architecture of the building.

Mo Mahboobian

Is one of the best of best Persian Loung.
It’s got the Shisha place at the back.

Earlier days, the quality of food was awesome, there was no competition back in those days, but still good quality food.
These days the quality has dropped despite the price went up.
But still love the taste of food.


This guy doesn’t know how to behave with customers and also he is only after money. I ordered a pizza and a burger but the burger tasted really bad and pizza was only synthetic cheese but costed me £15 also he gets extra money for onion & parsley! Very dirty(I found hair in my sandwich) poor customer service and everything at minimum quality. The food was delicious before but it got awful recently. If you like to waste your money go to this place!

Tina S

Amazing food, delicious burgers and pizzas. We are regulars and if it’s wasn’t because of the calories, I would be there every single day.

Parinaz Parham

I just paid £17.00 pound for this pizza I couldn’t even look at it , it supposed to be caspian special the cheese was burnt the dough was at least 3 days old the taste was just so bad and blend.

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