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About Colbeh, Persian Kitchen & Bar

One of the world's most ancient and refined styles of cooking is the traditional home cooking of Iran. Fragrant rice, slow-cooked stew, perfectly seasoned meats, fresh herbs and vegetables are just the beginning of a journey through the Persian flavours.

Every detail of the Colbeh restaurant is all handpicked by the family to represent it’s name, Colbeh (کلبه), which means 'cottage' in the Persian language of Farsi. From the kahgel spread walls to the intricately detailed embroidery on the handmade decorations, even down to each of the individual dishes to represent different regions of the country. The family run business strives to bring the perfection of traditional homemade recipes of Iran. Exploding with the main distinctive flavours of Saffron, Tumeric and Parsley, to our guests in the comfort and warmth of a complete replica of a classic Persian cottage.

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Barbara (Grace)

The cafe and restaurant are right next to reach other and ran by the same people. I found this out because I told the server the menu did not have anything I fancied for my dinner. He then offered me the restaurant menu. Considering the cafe had one noisy family, I felt the service was slow. There was no complimentary starter, and I was not asked if I wanted to order a drink. After my meal arrived, I called him back to bring me a glass of water. The food came on metal plates which have seen better days. I did not like the taste of metal in my mouth and avoided touching the plate with my knife and fork. A nice bowel of salad would have done down a treat. The food was nicely cooked though.

Ian Humphrey

I had the most enjoyable meal I've had in a long time at Colbeh Persian Kitchen in Birmingham. Perhaps it's only because it's been a long time since I last had Persian food, and because I was hungry on the day, but I don't think it's just that. My family shared my opinion. We ordered Baba Ganoush as a starter, Persian Tea, Ghormeh Sabzi and Baleh Morgh. The food was simple, but there was an attention to detail in everything. Every aspect of every dish was spot on. The Ghormeh Sabzi, which is one of the true gems of Persian cookery, was delicious, with high quality and succulent meat pieces. The chicken in the Baleh Morgh was luscious, melt-in-the-mouth and heavenly. Even the Persian tea was fabulous, and good value in that the price is for a large pot of tea. I'm willing to bet that everything on the menu is perfect. The main dishes are relatively expensive, but they are everywhere in this post-pandemic world. You pay nearly this price at Bang Bang Oriental Market in Colindale for a considerably worse meal in considerably worse circumstances. We ordered two main meals and a starter and that was more than enough for the three of us: that's one way to save a little money. Only about £16 per head for a great meal. Friendly service, good atmosphere, tremendous food: this has to be one of my favourite restaurants. Whenever we visit my daughter at the University we now know where to go!

Mhd Ali

I ordered the chicken koobideh with spicy homemade tomato sauce for the first time. The meat was juicy and flavoursome as well as the sauce. Portion size, freshness and quality of the items was good. Definitely will consider ordering from here.

rebecca g

FANTASTIC FANTASTIC! ... visited for a bank holiday for the first time following a Google search . When we arrived the atmosphere was immediately friendly and welcoming. The lady who seated us had limited English yet was nice and friendly and got her colleague to support

The starters were delicious! Good portion sizes. I had the prawns (the small bowl from my pics), and my friend had houmous with homemade bread (the big plate) ..the houmous and bread starter could easily be a sharing one as it huge!

For mains, we both went for wraps, which are served with fries. When it arrived, we couldn't believe portion size - huge ! Such good value for money . I must emphasise the place is very good value for money!

We were so impressed vouldnt leave without trying a dessert. One of the waitresses kindly invited me to join her where she took me directly next door - they also own a cafe! She showed me the selection of cakes that are not on the restaurant menu, and instructed the guy to plate it and bring it back around to the restaurant for me ..

I chose carrot cake. It was very rich and the icing really sweet . Once I scraped off most of the icing, I would happily give it 8.5/10... due to the huge portion size, 1 slice was enough for my friend and I to share

The reason why i haven't given 5 stars is because there were long wait times between courses and drinks. However, my overall experience was lovely. I highly recommend and can not wait to return!!!

Haider Ali

Really delicious and well worth going out your way. Ask for their specials, the lamb shoulder was perfection, roasted and falling apart, accompanied with two types of rice and some small sides.

The kebabs are usually very good, but can be a little dry depending on the day. Must try the mushroom and barley soup. Mezze are excellent also.

The toilets are fine unless you're visiting late in the evening on a weekend

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