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About Gifto Travels Ltd

At Gifto Travels, they are committed to offering an efficient service together with distinctive solutions for all travel and tourism needs to Iran. With 50 years of trading & a multi-lingual team, the quality and the flexibility of the services they provide to customers constantly grow from strength to strength. 

Gifto Travels Limited is located in the heart of London and is a privately owned fully licensed/bonded travel agency with ATOL, ABTA and IATA licences. Gifto was established in 1967 in Warren Street, London, and it prides itself on providing an excellent service together with travel advice to its wide and popular clientele base.

Their experienced, friendly, multi-lingual team of professionals are keen to support you with travel, entertainment, business and dream holiday requirements. Company Specialized in tours and travels to Iran and the Middle East.

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Jesa dela Cruz

A big shout out to Mr Aman Ansari who helped me greatly in getting my refund back from a cancelled flight three years ago due to Covid. Despite the challenges, he was patient, professional, and delivered what he had promised. I would also like to mention Mr Norman who ensured that all my concerns were addressed. Well done!

Camille Navarro

This Company is unreliable when it comes to handling refunds. Please be aware and think twice before you book your plane tickets here. Its better to book directly to trusted airlines to prevent stress and problems!!!! Shame on this company for not providing quality customer service!!! They should give back their customer’s money because everyone needs it during this pandemic!!!

Jennifer Pascual

Promised to returned my refund within 10-12 weeks from a cancelled flight on July 17 this year. However, its almost 18 weeks now and I still haven’t received MY money. I'm sick and tired calling them every two week to get an update. Also, sent an email to the accountant as their agent instruction but no response. You charged me £89 for admin fee (x4) and charged me 2% for using credit card but that is fine. Now, your responsibility is to refund MY money. According to DOT, Covid 19 is NOT an excuse in HOLDING passengers money. So GIVE MY MONEY BACK!!!

Joni Rosales

Oh boy. Only if I could give this company 0 stars I would. NEVER...let me repeat. NEVER buy tickets from this company. They're good when selling tickets and absolutely useless when a problem occurs. I booked a flight which got cancelled due to COVID 19. So we chose to cancel the flight. This was 18 weeks ago. You would expect us to have been refunded right? Nope. We still haven't been refunded.

They gave us a time frame of 10-12 weeks. Then after a follow up, another 2 weeks. Then after another follow up, they gave me more excuses to wait another 2 weeks. So 2 weeks passed, and we still haven't received a penny of OUR money. They're running out of excuses now and I simply can't comprehend how hard it is to refund OUR money. Keep in mind they have the audacity to charge us £89 per person for admin fees plus and extra 2% for using credit cards.

They're so quick when taking money yet so slow when returning it.

This is absolutely ridiculous and shameful.

NEVER EVER buy from this company!!

Krisna Zia

I called to book a holiday with them which would have cost just under £3k. I asked if they were still charging a fee for using a credit card and the agent was rude. He asked my why I’m asking this and I can always pay by debit card if I didn’t want to pay for the fee. I asked to speak to his manager and he transferred me to Siddiqus from accounts. She told me to e-mail her my enquiry so I did. After 4-5 hours later I still haven’t heard anything so I called back. After 3 calls she finally called back. Her mannerisms was awful, she was rude, unprofessional and had no telephone manner. She called me and said did you ask for me to call you? Anyway, she told me that I have to pay a 2% admin fee to use a credit card or I can use a debit card for free. I informed her that this is illegal as the law had changed in january this year. She didn’t care and just said to either book and pay the fee or book elsewhere. I was happy to pay the fee is she can demonstrate that it will cost them 2% to process my transaction. She refused. I asked to speak to the manager and she told me she will pass my details to him, she would not give me his name or his email address. I asked what she was hiding and she started to cry and hung up on me. Very professional! I called back and the agent told me “I will not entertain you”! I only asked what their complaints process was and he hung up on me. I was so angry and disappointed as I’ve alway used them in the past. I have reported them to Trading standard who will carry out an investigation as what they are doing is a criminal offence. I will not be doing any business with these crooks again.

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