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About Europa Travel

Europa Travel Agency is a travel company specialising in flights to Iran. They offer the most competitive pre-paid rates with Iran Air. They can also arrange and apply for Iran Visa for the UK and European passport holders who are planning to visit Iran.

Europa Travel Agency is located on Hammersmith Road, just a few minutes away from Hammersmith station.

Google Reviews

Farhud Ashrafi

The worst airline in whole world especially when you come the Stewardes and Stewart

Syed Razvii

Very good service with lots of information very helpful satff

Ashlly Shams

Taking good care of passenger and quality of food and price .

H Farokhi

It is a direct flight and I am more than happy to pay for less quality

Mana Ghotbi

I called here to book a ticket for my friend an his family and I’ve booked a flight which wasn’t on the date that we wanted but they suggested us to book it and then we have chance to change the date so we did it and all of these services was free of charge, next day I went there and we found that she booked a wrong date and we had to change it and she told us that we had to be waited for their further notice about that specific day for few days so we did, after couple of days nothing happened! I could reserve a better date than a date she reserved for us so I booked that online and then I called them and ask them to cancel my reservation because I could have booked the better one and she did as well as she mentioned that she is still waiting for that specific date and she would inform us , after 3 days she left mde a voice message to inform me that she found that we wanted and they need our confirm so I did , I went there few hours later to make my payment and I figured out again she made mistake about that date but this time she cancelled last booking and all the flights are fully booked (business class) and I had no choice she said I made mistake and I will inform you again and she mentioned that she is not at work for following day but she would follow up my case and she would leave a note to her colleagues and they would solve my problem , next day I was waiting for her till noon and nothing happened again so I called office and her colleagues said they didn’t know anything about this story!
After few hours she called me and said :
I did wrong I know but you didn’t pay for your reservation then you can’t push me!!!!! (First day that I’ve been there I asked them if I could pay and they said no it is free of charge)

I went there again and I told whole the story to her colleagues as she wasn’t at work i that day and nobody knew about it and their supervisor was off too and they suggested that I could go there in 3 days and talk to their supervisor (Ms Mojgan)

We talked with Ms Mojgan and she apologized for what happened to me and she said that they are not able to book in that time as we lost time and it was too late and in this point were end with this office.
As you see they are not responsible at all !
We bought our tickets from Iran on a date which we didn’t want , surprisingly I’ve got a call from Ms Mojgan after more than 6 days and she said that they are able to book tickets free of charge for that date to apologize for what happened to us and she did !
It happened by chance because airline added a new flight to their program and if it didn’t happen my friend had to come two weeks sooner.

Ms Mojgan is expert at her job and she knows how to treat customers and if her hand wasn’t tied she would does whatever she could!
I’ve rated here 3 stars which is an average of 5 stars for Ms Mojgan and zero for their responsibilities and that staff .
I don’t recommend this place to anyone else as you can be stuck in same situation.

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