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About Abiz London Ltd

Abiz London Translations is the leading Persian (Farsi- Dari) translation agency in the UK. With more than 28 years of  experience, Abiz provides highest quality translation, interpreting, localisation, subtitling and voice-over services between Persian (also called Dari) and English.

Professionally qualified linguists will take care of all your translation needs from individual documents to large translation projects. Our lead translators are members and fellows of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in the UK, accredited by National Authority of Translators and Interpreters in Australia, and official translators to the Iranian Judiciary. All types of documents for immigration and asylum including personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, bank statements and financial documents, legal papers and contracts, social media communication are translated and stamped as required by the home office and other British and international organisations. Translation, editing, copyediting and proofreading of academic papers, articles, books (including fiction and poetry) are done to the highest standards. Website localisation, subtitling of all types of video formats and dubbing services are offered.

With a global network of professionally qualified and experienced translators, we’ve got you covered, whatever your language needs.

Abiz Official Persian (Farsi- Dari) Translation can help businesses achieve their objectives in local, national and international markers by providing official Persian to/from English translations of the highest quality

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