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About Super Gisha

Gisha Iranian Supermarket and Super Meat Land offers Iranian, Persian imports and all daily groceries to customers throughout North London. The shop, which is located at Ballard’s Lane, Finchley Central, supplies a comprehensive range of Persian Iranian food Ingredients and Pre-packed cuisine. Sourced from abroad and the UK, the products are particularly suitable for everyday use and can be used at home or work. At Gisha Supermarket you also find fresh Persian products, butchers, delis, and bakery.

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Ahmad Mozafari

Gisha Supermarket, located in [insert location], has garnered attention for its diverse selection of goods but also for its reputation of being relatively expensive compared to other supermarkets in the area. Despite its higher prices, Gisha Supermarket has managed to maintain a loyal customer base due to several factors.

One reason for the higher prices at Gisha Supermarket may be attributed to the quality of the products they offer. The supermarket may source premium or specialty items that are not readily available at other stores, resulting in higher costs passed on to the consumer. Additionally, Gisha Supermarket may prioritize offering organic, locally-sourced, or ethically-produced goods, which typically come with a higher price tag.

Another factor contributing to the higher prices at Gisha Supermarket could be its location. If the supermarket is situated in an affluent or high-rent area, operational costs such as rent, utilities, and wages may be higher compared to supermarkets located in more economically diverse neighborhoods. These higher overhead expenses may be reflected in the prices of goods sold at the supermarket.

Despite the higher prices, Gisha Supermarket may still attract customers who are willing to pay a premium for convenience, quality, or specific products not available elsewhere. Additionally, the supermarket may offer exceptional customer service, a pleasant shopping environment, or unique perks such as loyalty programs or specialty services that justify the higher prices for some consumers.

However, it's important to note that while Gisha Supermarket may cater to a niche market willing to pay higher prices for certain goods, it may face competition from other supermarkets and grocery stores in the area offering similar products at lower prices. As such, Gisha Supermarket may need to continually assess its pricing strategy and product offerings to remain competitive in the market while still maintaining its reputation for quality and service.

S Singh

Great Place .... Best on the road or area


I really enjoy my meal and I love the ice cream .




Great shop with amazing customer service. Thanks Arash

Pouya Mehran

Love Arash, the owner. His shop is one of the oldest persian supermarkets in London, providing a fantastic service to everyone.

This shop is always so clean, and his products are always new and never see dust anywhere.

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