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About Shwan Meat

Shwan Meat is located on Ballards Lane, Finchley Central. They combined their team's culinary excellence with the knowledge of their butchers to produce an exciting and comprehensive range of Halal, free-range, fresh meat, ideal for your BBQ, fridge and freezer.

Each week, their butchers prepare a fresh range of ready-to-cook fresh meat and chicken choices for maximum freshness and convenience. You can view the ready-to-cook menu or view an extensive range of BBQ ideas, packs and meat boxes there. If you want special cuts of meat not on display, Shwan butchers will oblige.

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Ari Khasro

Best customer service , I always get my meat from Shwan butcher everything is fresh best mate .




Not sure about the hygiene standards of this place, I would be a bit concerned looking at how they unload their products.

Ava Abdool

Really poor experience yesterday, came in, the two guys behind the counter saw me come in but proceeded to faff around with a jammed meat grinder for about 10 minutes. Another person joined the que and I asked if it was possible to be served, the look I was given was really appalling - he then told me he had no chicken drumstick... really... a butcher with no chicken drumsticks. They where my usual butcher but i will be going elsewhere now.




The freshest and best cuts of meat leave this place. Always super happy with the quality, my favourite is their ribeye steak. 10/10.


I just left there, I've seen the butchers there but have never used and never will again, they are not skilled butchers and the guy who served me was rude, I bought oxtail and he cut the chunks so big I asked him to cut them again and he said no, I normally go to a skilled butchers in willesden but thought because I'm here let me try them but definately will not be giving them my money again, I just googled that company and it says desolved, are they even qualified or have any hygiene certificates? But as I stated they will not be seeing my hard earned money ever again, I will continue to use my regular butcher

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