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About Reza Supermarket

Reza Iranian Supermarket and patisserie offers Iranian, Persian imports and all daily groceries such as Persian Beluga Caviar to customers throughout West London. The shop, which is located at Kensington High Street, London, supplies a comprehensive range of Persian Iranian food Ingredients and Pre-packed cuisine. At Reza Supermarket you also find fresh Persian products, butchers, delis, and bakery.

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Alex Blockley

19 Feb 2024: Price offered for 1 fresh persimmon fruit, £5.00. The price for three just 50 meters down the street, £1.80.

Masoud Iravani Pour

I went to the shop I used to frequent before to buy a variety of items. As I entered, I noticed a poorly dressed man whom I didn't know. Unfortunately, he displayed extremely rude behaviour, using offensive language towards my family. He claimed to be the owner of all three shops and insisted that nothing in the store was fresh. He handled the cakes with his bare hands and repeatedly discouraged me from making any purchases. When I requested to speak with the actual owner, he insisted that he was the owner himself. It was clear that no responsible owner would behave in such a manner in their own establishment. Throughout my visit, he remained disrespectful, kept his hoodie on, spat on the shop floor, and handled my cakes without wearing gloves. When it came time to pay, his offensive language persisted, prompting me to decide against making any purchases due to his rude and unacceptable behavior towards customers. As I left the shop, he even followed me to my car, but my wife urged me to ignore him. It's important to note that I was not the only person subjected to his rudeness. He was identifiable by his purple hoodie, black beard, and overall unclean appearance. The shop is now known as Bahar Patisserie, although when it was under Mr. Reza's management, the experience was pleasant and the staff were friendly. This individual should be promptly dismissed without any compensation.

Sogol Motiey

I've been going here often for my Persian food ingredients and recently bought some of their pistachios and cashews. Unfortunately, they were infested with larva/moths, and we've had a pantry moth problem ever since. A true nightmare. I told the owner (I think he was the owner!) and he disregarded it and said it's normal. Be VERY careful purchasing any of the open food items from them. Not only are they pricey but they will come with guests and infest your home and closet. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Go to Al Baydar or Kourosh on North End Road instead.

Mez Power

Many complain about the price here. Yes there is a new sweet shop in Finchley, cheaper, but the quality at Agha Reza's is the BEST. If you want to save a few pound go Finchley, if you want quality and taste come here. I spent £22.50 and I am more than happy, will come back for more.

Farhad Kamranvand

I went there alone. I spoke to a member of staff to take photo of their products to send to my family, and ask them to choose what they want.
He gently gave me the permission to do so. My wife asked me to buy some fruit roll-ups, and sweets for the Nowrouz celebration.
I found quite limited variety of the products, however the taste is good enough to make me recommend this place.

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