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About Nez Supermarket

Nez Iranian Supermarket offers Iranian products and all daily groceries to customers throughout North West London. The shop is located at 418c Watford Way, supplies a comprehensive range of Persian and Iranian food Ingredients and Pre-packed cuisine.

At Nez Supermarket you also find a different range of fresh Persian products, Halal and Kosher meats, delis, and bakery. You can also pop-in for a cup of costa express coffee, teas, milkshakes or fresh orange juice. Take away breakfast including a range of sandwiches and toasties are available at Nez Persian supermarket. 

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Killer Queen

Amazing place staff are very friendly and reasonable prices

Sylvia Allen

Lovely local store, the owners/staff are such nice people, so friendly and helpful. Well stocked with all the essentials and more, also an Amazon pick up point. This store even has its own coffee shop!
With its late opening hours (around 11pm most days z XD it really is a very handy store, especially as it's just across the road from me!


The only place in hendon to get polish cheese bun + very pleasant staff

Lee Kjolsen

Great store with everything you need for each day plus a really eclectic choice of foods from around the world. Love it!

Tomas Bohus

I actually really liked this store when they opened. However, they quickly went downhill. Some of the prices are just ridiculous, you can literally get the same item from the store next door for £2 difference. The prices for the bubble tea and the pastry is similar. You can get the same prices in some places in central London, not in a random part of north-west London.

The employees were very friendly initially, but this soon turned out to be a "family focused" business, where if you are Iranian, they will keep talking to you for 20 minutes even if there are 5 customers behind you. If you are not, they want to get rid of you as quickly as possible.

What really tops it off is their approach to the whole pandemic. They literally don't care. The owners do not wear a mask and it is quite rare to see a shopper inside with their mask on. There is no glass separating the tills from the customer. Also, there are several open food containers in the store - olives, peppers,.. where you can literally cough anywhere near it and it is all infected. I believe businesses like this should be directly held responsible for the number of cases and deaths we have in the area.

I liked coming here for the past few months, but I would rather travel 25 minutes away to go to the store where they actually care. Or maybe just 15 seconds away.

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