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30 Vivian Avenue, Hendon, London, NW4 3XP

About Jordan Supermarket

Jordan Iranian Supermarket offers Iranian, Persian imports and all daily groceries to customers throughout North West London. The shop, located in Vivian Avenue, Hendon, supplies a comprehensive range of Persian Iranian food Ingredients and Pre-packed cuisine.

Sourced from abroad and the UK, the products are particularly suitable for everyday use and can be used at home or work. At Jordan Supermarket you also find fresh Persian products, butchers, delis, and bakery.

Jordan Patisserie and Supermarket brings great home-cooked Persian Halim(Halim e Shemroon) into the lives of many Londoners on every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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sofija marina

Sofija Marina

2 months ago

I bought there a cow cheese. The expire date was good but seems like it was rotten (Actually the date is also reaaaaaally strange). It had taste of smthing like rotten milk and my friends told me that its rotten as well. I dont know, maybe its some specific taste but tasted horrible.. PEOPLE!!! better dont buy there those international things which you dont know how they taste!!!!

Olaf Ungier

Olaf Ungier

6 months ago

They are just ripping people off. Never go there cause you will face with disappointment. Thiefs

Tina Fard

Tina Fard

a year ago

Super unreasonable expensive. Fail to display prices on most items. Quality is medium or less.

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