Jordan Supermarket

30 Vivian Avenue, Hendon, London, NW4 3XP

About Jordan Supermarket

Jordan Iranian Supermarket offers Iranian, Persian imports and all daily groceries to customers throughout North West London. The shop, located in Vivian Avenue, Hendon, supplies a comprehensive range of Persian Iranian food Ingredients and Pre-packed cuisine.

Sourced from abroad and the UK, the products are particularly suitable for everyday use and can be used at home or work. At Jordan Supermarket you also find fresh Persian products, butchers, delis, and bakery.

Jordan Patisserie and Supermarket brings great home-cooked Persian Halim(Halim e Shemroon) into the lives of many Londoners on every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Boaz Grip2

3 months ago

Sweet shop is absolutely ripoff sweet boxes are heavy. Each box weight is about 120 gm imagine 10 customers buy sweets that’s 1kg 200 gm profit just from heavy box just a box wow. These guys know what they are doing. That’s there shop is quite most of the times. Red bull price marked £1.29 they selling it for £1.50.

absolutely beautiful scam never going to buy anything from this place again.

Shah Azad

3 months ago

They pieace a shiiiiit and rude i hate them dont buy anything from them

Kian Soli

4 months ago

Worst pastry I have ever been, they gave me mouldy walnut and spoiled sweets

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