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About Bahar Supermarket

Bahar Iranian Supermarket and patisserie offers Iranian, Persian imports and all daily groceries such as Persian Beluga Caviar to customers throughout West London. The shop, which is located at Kensington High Street, London, supplies a comprehensive range of Persian Iranian food Ingredients and Pre-packed cuisine. At Bahar Supermarket you also find fresh Persian products, butchers, delis, and bakery

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Masoud Iravani Pour

I went to the shop I used to frequent before to buy a variety of items. As I entered, I noticed a poorly dressed man whom I didn't know. Unfortunately, he displayed extremely rude behaviour, using offensive language towards my family. He claimed to be the owner of all three shops and insisted that nothing in the store was fresh. He handled the cakes with his bare hands and repeatedly discouraged me from making any purchases. When I requested to speak with the actual owner, he insisted that he was the owner himself. It was clear that no responsible owner would behave in such a manner in their own establishment. Throughout my visit, he remained disrespectful, kept his hoodie on, spat on the shop floor, and handled my cakes without wearing gloves. When it came time to pay, his offensive language persisted, prompting me to decide against making any purchases due to his rude and unacceptable behavior towards customers. As I left the shop, he even followed me to my car, but my wife urged me to ignore him. It's important to note that I was not the only person subjected to his rudeness. He was identifiable by his purple hoodie, black beard, and overall unclean appearance. The shop is now known as Bahar Patisserie, although when it was under Mr. Reza's management, the experience was pleasant and the staff were friendly. This individual should be promptly dismissed without any compensation.

s. moura

Completely agree with the other reviews. Would add that they have a strict cash only policy. Super shady shop.. avoid

Susan Motamedi

Never put my foot in this place and the shop beside it they cheat in every possible way

Meetra Qutb

Rude and impolite sellers, overpriced outdated products
I came across this supermarket on my way home. I was at first happy seeing sour cherries after years. The cherries seemed spoiled but I still wanted to buy a kilo for £9.99. I asked the shopkeeper for a box and then asked for another box to put half in it. He was so rude with me and told me with his voice raised that why I didn’t tell him in the beginning. The cherries were over a kilo and I to ld to the other shopkeeper that I don’t want to buy over a kilo because it’s not fresh. The second shopkeeper minded it and kept telling me I’m very loud voice “if you don’t like it why are you buying it”. Then he tells to someone on the phone “she doesn’t want to a penny more”. I told him that he’s being rude with me firstly because it is my wish if I like to buy one Kg or more. The guy got even more angry and raised his voice again “do you want to buy it or not?” “Legally I have the right not to sell it to you”. I said then I don’t buy it.
My 10 minutes in the shop spent dealing with two very rude and impolite men. I wonder how they are doing business with this cheap attitude.

Soyar Sherkat

Never tried the caviar from here but am looking to do so in the future. Good general selection of pastries and some other Iranian snacks and so on but I do think prices are too high!

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