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About Aran Supermarket

Aran Iranian Supermarket offers Iranian, Persian imports and all daily groceries to customers throughout North West London. The shop, which is located at Watling Avenue, Burnt Oaks, supplies a comprehensive range of Persian Iranian food Ingredients and Pre-packed cuisine.

Sourced from abroad and the UK, the products are particularly suitable for everyday use and can be used at home or work. At Aran Supermarket you also find fresh Persian products, butchers, delis, and bakery.

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Ralston Pereira

Very queer pricing for for their meat products. They offer 4Kgs of chicken for £9.99 and I wanted 5 kgs. Since I was buying more than 4 kgs I thought they will apply the same rate for the additional kilo but they said No. I have to pay the higher rate for the 5th kilo. No logic. Looks like the proprietor does not know arithmetic.

David Lau

Dishonest and overcharged me. Charged me £10.49 for six figs and a small packet of tomatoes. When I tried to return the goods and get a refund, the guy refused and when challenged, they said the figs are £2.50 for two rather than £1.50 as clearly advertised. When challenged, they went out and changed the price but refused to refund me. Totally dishonest - do NOT buy from them as you are highly likely to be overcharged!


Shop falsely advertised their fruit were £1.50 for 2. At checkout was charged £2.50. After pointing this out, they refused to refund the difference and after a back n forth argument, they went and wrote over the sign with a blackboard marker.

Will never go back to this store again.

Andrea Sara

OMG!!! I was there. It was so shame for the girl. Unfortunately also I have been a bad experience with the shop Lady who just sitting behind a till probably she is a Manager. Just how She watching the customers then we can understand she is not a nice person. That girl just paid and was ready to leave a shop when a Shop lady started shouting with her and calling an another manager "Airan"?! I cannot imagining if this happening to me.I meet with this girl lot of time and she anytime paid I am pretty sure. This time also she paid almost 10£ ,why she could be stealing 1! Banana? Also She never say no when the homeless people begun a change,she has the money to help the homeles so it is ridiculus to stealing ONE banana.Non sens! By the way we are not a same if someone pick up 1 fruit because hungry I am not treating like a criminal. I believe the KARMA so just without to wish I hope one day this Shop Lady also can find a similar situation. Just I stop to make a shopping in this Shop.All Team member very kind expect this manager who just nothing to do than sitthing behind a till playing with her phone.Sorry for the negativ feedback but I was there at it was horrible.(also the manager colleagues does not believed when continuing to ask are you sure this was the girl?)


My wife almost a daily shopper,but yesterday she got a very shameful experience.The "FatLady"(without any offense I do not her name),just after my wife paid started shouting with her "YOU ARE STOLED 1.BANANA YESTERDAY,I SEE YOU!!!"The shop was full of customer. My wife paid anytime and everyday spend about 5-10£.She does not want to start any argument with the Lady who was rude and unprofessional.If you have any doubt or proof not this is a way to front of it.She had to be call the part my wife to talk with her not front of another customer.Like when just another day when a same Lady asked my wife why she is so ugly skinny,but it was less than offensives,gentle Lady my wife ill,she get a cancer,so trust me we do not need steal bananas. Unfortunately that location full of homeless people and not the first time happens someone confounding my wife with an another lady who looks like her.By the way we have al rieceve from so just I would like to ask pls check your CCTV before point your finger .

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