Sarab Restaurant

284 Ewell Road, Surbiton, London, KT6 7AQ
Open today: 12:00 - 23:00

About Sarab Restaurant

Founded in 1999, Sarab Persian restaurant has been attracting customers for many years and is proud of its status as one of London’s finest Persian restaurant.

Let the flavours and aromas of Persia whisk you away to another state of mind at Sarab Restaurant. With its stylish reclaimed interior and friendly service, Sarab is a perfect place to enjoy traditional Persian food with dishes full of colour, texture and superb flavour. This bustling eatery located at Surbiton, South West London.

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Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton

a week ago

Hmmm. Slow service and waiting staff who know so much more than you they will tell you how you should drink tea... ie add sugar if you find it bitter, and stir the sugar to dissolve it. Seems a bit pricey for tea, kebab and rice.

Waqqas Awan

Waqqas Awan

2 weeks ago

Not a big fan of Iranian food. I find it bland and rather tasteless. The food here was definitely not worth the amount we paid.

Roland Wade

Roland Wade

a month ago

I had wanted to try Sarab for some years but for some reason never had the opportunity. My partner and I were looking to celebrate a special anniversary on 29th November 2017 and thought we'd give it a try. I looked at the reviews and saw that a mixture of both positive and negative feedback. Some of the negative feedback hadn't been responded to which made me feel reluctant to book. I looked at the website and found it was down. Not being easily put off I called the restaurant. My call wasn't answered and it didn't go to voicemail which didn't fill me with confidence. However, shortly afterwards I received a call from Lenka (the owner's wife) apologizing for missing my call. I explained that I was considering booking a table but that I was concerned by the unaddressed negative reviews and the fact that their website was down. She apologized profusely acknowledging that they were behind in responding to feedback and said the website was being updated and would be back on line within the hour but that she would email me a menu in the meanwhile. She assured me that if I were to book a table for our special anniversary, she would personally ensure we had a truly wonderful evening. True to her word, I received the email within minutes and the website was soon back up and running. I committed to booking a table. We found the staff very polite and attentive. Neither my partner or I have been to Iran so we aren't familiar with the cuisine but the staff took the time to guide us through the menu and suggested dishes that would give us a real flavour of the country's wonderful and unique cuisine. We found the food really delicious and the staff very diligent and friendly. They made our special evening very special indeed and we are looking forward to returning soon in the New Year. My only regret was that there weren't more people enjoying the wonderful food and service! I dont just rate a restaurant on how well they do things right; I also attach value to how they deal with things when things haven't gone quite to plan. Sarab professionally and courteously dealt with my concerns and reservations, gave me confidence to book our special evening with them and ensured that we were not disappointed. I heartily recommend Sarab but if you have any concerns, do what I did and call them and I am in no doubt that they will do all they can to make your visit very special indeed.

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