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About Sarab Restaurant

Founded in 1999, Sarab Persian restaurant has been attracting customers for many years and is proud of its status as one of London’s finest Persian restaurant.

Let the flavours and aromas of Persia whisk you away to another state of mind at Sarab Restaurant. With its stylish reclaimed interior and friendly service, Sarab is a perfect place to enjoy traditional Persian food with dishes full of colour, texture and superb flavour. This bustling eatery located at Surbiton, South West London.

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  • Halal
  • Takeaway
  • Private Dining

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Nooraishah Khan

Perfection at its finest. PLEASE KINDLY READY!

I went to this restaurant on Friday 7th May 2021 (purposely stating the exact date so that the owner knows I appreciated his hospitality) with my girlfriend to break my fast for Ramadan.

Without a doubt, the most enlightening evening I've ever had and I truly enjoy my fine dining. The food was cooked to absolute perfection. Fragrant, gorgeous barberry rice, koobideh was absolute heaven, chicken and king prawns were so succulent and flavoursome. Vegetables literally melted in my mouth. The owner was a pure angel and even though we arrived lightly late following our reservation, he welcomed us with refreshing, sweet Persian dates and ensured that the food was cooked rapidly for us so we could break our fast happily and to sure say, we did is an understatement.

Our Persian mint, ginger and saffron tea with organic cane sugar was gorgeous. I really wanted to go out of my way to tip the owner on this night but I only brought enough on me as I'm constantly travelling for work.

I will genuinely return as much as I can to this restaurant just because of your fabulous service. I wish I could thank the owner himself (I believe he is the owner as he was serving us) with full appreciation however, I hope he does read this and remember our presence.

You honestly made my year. Thank you for a such a beautiful experience.

Anybody whom decides to post even the slightest negative review is lieing to you so please ignore anything but positive feedback.

Lots of love -

NurAisa & Fatima Jan x

Sabra Cox

First time we ordered, food was very good. We decided to try due to new owners as previous was terrible.
Next time, they put chilli or sth as the kebab was hot & that's not how Iranian kebab is made (not supposed to be hot). Called them, no apology or even some compensation.
& Because the food is usually good, we ordered again, & there was HAIR in the rice. I'm sure it wasn't any of ours as none of us has short black hair. I called them, Plus THEY INSULTED ME AS WELL by calling me Haji..... The manager is from Afghanistan so thinks we have no rules or regulations in this country & he's in Afghanistan! of apologising, they started blaming me saying it's not our problem, it's your own hair 😯
I was with friend so was embarrassed but I have a good mind to report them to food standards agency.
Further, we ordered sth that was slightly different on their site, so when we called, they said their menu on their website isn't the updated version, you have to look on the leaflet!! 😦 Most people order from a website, plus the website is easier to change than a leaflet, surely?
& He could have at least said: it's our fault, so as you're a regular customer, we will honour what our website says & give you sth next time or a discount or whatever.

A company that treats it's regular customer this way, will quickly lose them & soon will have no customers lol
To be fair, the kebab was good 4/5 times, rice is ok, & although most Iranian restaurants now use cheaper long grain rice, I won't bother there again due to the poor customer service & dodgy chef (if on purpose he puts hot chilli in the kebab & his hair in the rice, he's also got poor hygiene) If they'd apologised, & offered me compensation, they might have kept a customer. I've told my friends also, so they lost 5 customers.

Hugo Lozano

We love going out. Yesterday we arrived in this excellent place which we didn’t know before. We enjoyed a beautiful time there with first-rate food and a well-trained crew and an impressive cuisine. We put this place in our phone list and we shall surely come back soon. Highly recommended.

Jake Stokes

Ordered a mixed seafood grill for two, and it was absolutely delicious aswell as being a generous portion. Their king prawns and barbery rice especially were to die for. I highly recommend giving this one a go. Despite not dining in, I did collect my food, and have to say the venue is beautiful too.

Ben Francis

I expect the food is good, we love Persian food - though we didn’t have a chance to try it was never delivered. We live locally and wanted to give them a try - but I guess now we will never try. They have us a refund - but after an hour late and still not delivered - we gave up. Good luck!

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