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About Youna Patisserie and Bakery

Youna is a Persian Patisserie and Bakery that offers a great selection of freshly baked Iranian sweets, pastries and bread. All the delicious hand-made cakes, gateaux, and roulades are baked freshly on premises using only fresh and natural ingredients.

The chefs at Youna Patisserie and Bakery are well known for their talent in custom cake design and their ability to create a unique work of art specific to each individual customer’s request. As well as great selection of Persian pastries and roulades, you can find freshly baked Iranian Sangak Bread in London and different range of Persian comestibles, seasoned nuts, dried fruits and Persian savouriesYouna is located on Ballards Lane, within close distance of Finchley Central station.

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Staffs are not clean , touched every where then pick up stuff, not pay attention to the queue, serve favourite customer; staff in backers aren’t hygienic at all put gloves on and pick poppy seeds with dirty gloves and throwing on the breads

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Went in to buy lots of things then after queuing up for an hour while people pushed in front of me continuously waiting for the bread as the last bit, the idiots said it would be another 40 minutes because their mates kept coming in and collecting bread after waving at the guy at the counter.. There seems to be some secret pecking order of service. Certainly not a first come first served. I actually started ordering and then someone walked in, the counter staff stopped serving me and started serving them. Avoid these idiots and the quality of the food is rubbish.
A few weeks ago we bought mixed nuts (aajil) and two days later it had maggots running through it

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They do not answer calls and the phone plays up a strange tome which is very frustrating and in fact unprofessional

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Very nice customer service٫ sweet and cakes was delicious thank you

Gina Alexe

They have very bad customer service ai ever see and rude

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