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About Pamir Bakery

Pamir is a Persian Patisserie and Bakery that offers a great selection of freshly baked Iranian sweets, pastries and breads. All of the breads and pastries are baked fresh on site every day, lovingly prepared by our master bakers.

The chefs at Pamir Bakery are well known for their talent in custom cake design and their ability to create a unique work of art specific to each individual customer’s request.

As well as great selection of Persian pastries and roulades, you can find freshly baked Iranian Sangak Bread in London and different range of Persian comestibles, seasoned nuts, dried fruits and Persian savouries. Enjoy freshly baked breads at Pamir bakery. It is located just off the Broadway Road, Greenford.

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London England

Excellent service and fresh and Authentic Afghan bakery!

Andrew Haynes

This is a wonderful Afgan Bakery they make a flat bread with spiced potatoe...its delicious 👍🏼👍🏼


Unfortunately every visit here as resulted in me buying very dry & overdue pastry and sweets. Wouldn’t recommend at all nor was the food edible.

Sara Shirak

As a regular customer of Pamir Bakery, I’d like to say the bakery is one of the most welcoming places I’ve been to. Not only does the bread, dry fruits and lovely sweets gives me a sense of home, the staff particularly the owner welcomes me and is always providing a brilliant service. The Afghan naan makes me feel like I’m back at home and makes me reminisce the culture and traditions that we, Afghans, are missing here. I honestly can’t find anything disappointing about this business and I am proud to have something that keeps our dear country closer to our hearts.

Erfan M

Some of the guys need to be trained on dealing with customers as their current manner is poor. The bread quality is not consistent like sometimes it is too thin or too thick. You go in sometimes and they only have brown or white bread. Overall not good enough for an Afghan bakery, frankly embarrassing representation of Afghan hospitality we are known for. Other Afghan bakery mix brown and white bread together to only sell one type which tastes much better which I have recommended but they didn't bother since the owner is not around only the workers.

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