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About Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP, Baker Street

Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP is an independent, progressive firm of London solicitors providing prompt and friendly advice on all aspects of Property Disputes (Commercial and Residential), Real Estate Conveyancing, Property Auction ( Sale / Purchase, Residential and Commercial) and civil litigation. They combine their legal expertise with a clear understanding of your goals to make sure you get the very best results and to help its clients throughout the life of their projects, businesses, cases and individual personal transactions.

At Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP, they pride themselves on providing the clients with a truly unique service that is genuinely supportive and tailored to their needs and this has enabled the firm to help its clients throughout the life of their projects, businesses, cases and individual personal transactions. For an initial consultation and any other enquiries in Farsi or English, please contact Yasaman Asaad at Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP Solicitors.


For more information about the City office please visit Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP in Angel

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Andrew Murphy

We had hoped to complete on our new home in 11 weeks from offer, but thanks to Maria Gul and the rest of the RFB conveyancing team, we had our keys in just 6 weeks. We were gently cajoled into getting everything we needed to do done, whilst queries/searches/money transfers were all dealt with quickly and professionally. Strongly recommend.

Fareha Tariq

Thank you Maria Gul for all your guidance and making the whole process easy for us to get the property.
I would highly recommend my friends, family or anyone to this law firm.

Thank you once again Maria

Ammar A

I went for RFB off reviews and online research. I filled in an online form, and minutes later I was on the phone with Shahd, who was to be my solicitor, and what good fortune that was! This was a purchase of a new build, using Help to Buy, and it was not easy, but Shahd handled it perfectly. Are all RFB's solicitors this good or did I really luck out? Not sure, but out of all the choices I made throughout the whole process since the moment we decided to buy this is the one decision I am 100% happy with, can't imagine it getting any better.

Shahd was efficient, diligent, professional, very responsive to all communications, pleasant, and overall seemed to really care. I never once had to chase her up on anything; in fact, when deadlines get tighter and action was needed on my side, she’s the one checking up on where I got, chasing up other parties, and keeping everything in check. Emails and calls were answered very fast, and whenever her name popped up in my Inbox I expected reassurnace that it's all being handled.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from friends and family about their experiences with conveyancing, and the solicitor is always one more person to chase up and make sure are doing their job; whereas with Shahd I quickly learned that if something is up to her to do, I can immediately put it out of mind. No need to think about it, even though we’re racing against time to beat the stamp duty holiday deadline, she’ll get it done well and in time (and she did).

My broker has been in the business for 30 years and this is what he had to say: “your solicitor’s quite on the ball isn’t she? Honestly this is very unusual”.

If it’s not clear yet, I’d enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who’d listen.

(Disclaimer: I've also posted a part of this review to Review Solicitors. I am not a bot)


A huge thanks to Ali Chouhdry and Emily Barker for their conveyancing services. Throughout the journey they were thorough, professional and very responsive to queries. As first time buyers it put our minds at rest knowing that our conveyancing was being handled by them.

I'd certainly recommend them!

Dmytro M.

I would like to thank Sarah Hung who was a solicitor of mine and share my positive feedback.

Sarah was very professional, quick, straight to the point and also helpful when I asked questions about the documents and the process. I was also pleased with how responsive she was - I never had to wat for her replies or updates.

The process went though well and without problems.

Highly recommend Sarah!

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