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About Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors

Established in 1985, Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors are London's leading immigration law, employment law, corporate law and litigation law firm and their aim is to provide clients with an exceptional level of legal expertise, a genuine service that is tailored to their business or personal needs. Concentrating on these areas in-depth allows them to maintain a deep understanding of the law surrounding these practice areas.

Specialisation also grants the opportunity to get to know their clients on an intimate level, and anticipate their legal needs.

For an initial consultation and any other enquiries in Farsi or English, please contact Mrs Caroline Gardner at Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors.

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Med belg

I have had an overall good experience with Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors. A big thank you to Kajal and Dave for assisting with my application and the support after an appeal was submitted. Fadi was also a big help in making decisions on my appeal case. Thanks to the team on my successful visa appeal

Simply Amine

When choosing a law firm or finding a solicitor for your matter, it can be daunting and as sceptical and doubtful it can be very hard and stressful to stumbled on someone who can represent you with honesty and stand by your side but with Gulbenkian AS it’s a different matter.
I looked around and I had some choices but my heart took me straight to Gulbekian Andonian Law Firm where I met Danny & Mr Henry Lau. This is where my mind find peace because I knew I was in good hand and I couldn’t be more excited to be their client and they can represent me.

From day one, they have been outstanding and absolutely amazing. Henry is not just a senior solicitor, he is an incredible human being with great experience and guide you with the best advise. He walked me thorough all the possibilities and the opportunity to raise above the home office decision. There was a time where I just lost hope but Henry walked me through my dossier and gave me hope and guided me all the way along, I cannot thank him enough. He called me to say that we won the case and I was still in shock because I lost hope but him not, he is a humble optimistic true lawyer leading his cases with greatness.

If you ask me if I recommend Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitor for your stuff, absolutely a “YES, 100%” !!

Gulbenkian Andonian Firm don’t sale you or promise you a trip to the moon but they work with you until your stuff are settled. -


James J

Fantastic service. Gulbenkian really went the extra mile for our case, and they came to our aid at critical moments when timing really mattered. I wholeheartedly recommend the firm. Thanks again.

Jon Samwell

After speaking with a number of different firms about business immigration routes to the UK, we felt most comfortable with Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors. Their immigration lawyers in London really helped us understand the requirements and processes involved and how to move forward. Thanks very much for the advice and guidance.

Aiqing Luo

The professional top lawyer team and the patient and meticulous work process have made my case successful! We are very grateful to lawyer Christina Wang of your law firm. From November 20, 2021, when we met to consult about appeals, she gave us detailed appeal ideas and path guidance with her professional and meticulous work style. Let us The painful feeling has been relieved. Lawyer Wang is very good in both Chinese and English. She used English to make my English husband understand the details of the case clearly, and she also used Chinese to translate the incomprehensible provisions of British law for me. She is perfect The bridge built our business relationship with the law firm, successfully completed the complex work in 8 months, searched for solid evidence, and helped us find the best and responsible case responders and the best lawyers. The lawyer who went to court, she went through practical and meticulous work in every link, and finally helped us win the appeal. Our whole family is very grateful to lawyer Wang! She is the representative of the most outstanding lawyers in London. She not only has beautiful appearance, but also has the strictest professional ethics. She is the pride of our Chinese female lawyers! The benchmark and flag of British lawyers!

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