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About Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors

Established in 1985, Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors are London's leading immigration law, employment law, corporate law and litigation law firm and their aim is to provide clients with an exceptional level of legal expertise, a genuine service that is tailored to their business or personal needs. Concentrating on these areas in-depth allows them to maintain a deep understanding of the law surrounding these practice areas.

Specialisation also grants the opportunity to get to know their clients on an intimate level, and anticipate their legal needs.

For an initial consultation and any other enquiries in Farsi or English, please contact Mrs Caroline Gardner at Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors.

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Trust me when I say, if there was the option to give Gulbenkian Solicitors less than 1 stars, I would.

I urge anyone considering Gulbenkian Solicitors to look elsewhere. Picking literally any other chambers would probably be better than this one.

At the time, when I was dealing with them, I had never had to consult legal services before, and didn't realise how MASSIVELY I was being played.

In terms of the service I received: It was slow, I had to email my first solicitor time after time after time with no response, only until hearing back days and days after, when eventually out of the blue the solicitor dealing with my case changed, but this was thankfully for the better, where I here received a solicitor who seemed actually interested in my case.

However unprofessional and disinterested the intital solicitor who handled my case was - and that deserves a whole negative review on it's own, that's not what pushed me to writing this.
What pushed me to writing this is the fact that the actual LEGAL ADVICE given to me was COMPLETELY INCORRECT in so many ways - and that after having proceeded with another chamber, and dealing with actual GOOD and PROFESSIONAL LAWYERS, I can't stop thinking of how much I regret having given Gulbenkian a single penny of mine, and I guess the best I can do is advice other's not to make the same mistake.

I started by following the advice given to me by Gulbenkians, which considering the above, shock, didn't go our way.
I was wooed by them with their smiles and confidence and false hope, when in reality, they had NO CLUE what they were talking about - or they simply did not care one bit about my case, and simply about the money.

I therefore, before proceeding, contacted chamber after chamber after chamber for further opinions, and ALL, and I mean ALL of the other chambers gave me the SAME advice, which was COMPLETELY OPPOSING to the advice given to me by Gulbenkian solicitors, which every other chamber told me was terrible advice and I am SO SO glad that I changed and proceeded elsewhere.

My first solicitor even gave me advice on my legal status in another country, which proved to be extremely wrong, WORSENED my situation, and my new solicitor at a different chambers told me how this was ridiculously unprofessional of him as a solicitor should never give me advice outside of his own jurisdiction.

One of the things I needed to do was submit a document to the home office, and in the home office's response, before even addressing my case, they began by repremanding the solicitor for using the wrong format and addressing the case incorrectly. ARE YOU JOKING ME? My so called "Legal 500" solicitor didn't even know how to submit a legal claim properly.

I could go on and on about my disappointment; just trust me, go literally, anywhere else.

kate “betti11”

After some slight issues with the payments for a case it has been resolved. One thing though, make sure to get all agreements in writing. A bit of advice to handle the customers who are most likely foreigners to use English exactly as you don't need misunderstandings. English is such a lovely language with double meanings. Use it wisely.

carolina Betancourt

We have been using the excellent services of Gulbenkian andonian solicitors for more than 10 years.They always find a solution for us,all the staff are very honest,efficient and friendly. 100% recommended.

Felicia Maureen

I came to Gulbenkian Andonian in a rush to apply for indefinite leave to remain. I was way over the limit of days you're allowed to leave the UK and with Brexit and the pandemic, I was honestly worried. I contacted the firm and I was put in touch with Henry straight away. Within a few days of getting in touch with him, he had already finished my application. I was apply to apply for ILR in a timely manner and before I knew it my application was granted without any issues. Henry was responsive, professional and did great work. I had been to another firm before but the service I serviced here was truly first class. I've already recommended the firm to my siblings who will be doing their applications very soon as well.

Kifayat Ullah

I have got a fantastic result for the extension of sole rep visas for me and all my dependents..My special appreciates to Mr Dave,Mr Hayk , Mrs Caroline and all Gulbenkian andonian professional team.
Thank you for your help, determination, courage, analytical skills, and hard work.I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone who need such a wonderful solicitors in the community. Thank you again.

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