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About Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors

Established in 1985, Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors are London's leading immigration law, employment law, corporate law and litigation law firm and their aim is to provide clients with an exceptional level of legal expertise, a genuine service that is tailored to their business or personal needs. Concentrating on these areas in-depth allows them to maintain a deep understanding of the law surrounding these practice areas.

Specialisation also grants the opportunity to get to know their clients on an intimate level, and anticipate their legal needs.

For an initial consultation and any other enquiries in Farsi or English, please contact Mrs Caroline Gardner at Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors.

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Benedict K

This agency helped me and my partner apply for a fiancé visa earlier last year. Our adviser (Bernard) was transparent and helpful throughout the whole process, start to finish. His communication was practically instant. It was a long and stressful, but having these guys in our corner made the world of difference. Absolutely amazing service, can't recommend highly enough.

Grace CHEN

I really recommend this solicitor firm to people who is struggling with applying spouse visa. They are professional in giving advice on preparing documents. Their efficiency is pretty excellent as well. For example, the solicitors answered my emails quickly. Thanks for the help of Henry and David, I only spent 6 working days waiting the application result for my visa!!! Especially Henry has checked all of documents carefully and patiently before submitting it. I am really appreciate it!

S Srinivasan

Legal support toward my mother’s visa extension was rendered with utmost professionalism. Extremely detailed advice and support from Day 1. The representation was detailed and thorough, highlighting all and any available evidence possible, towards my mothers visa extension. Thanks to all the team for their availability and willingness to assist at all times. Thanks to Mr Dave Vasoodevan who left no stone unturned to get us positive result the first time we applied.
Thank you
Dr Srinivasan




I am so happy I did chose Gulbenkian Andonian, they helped me for years to fight with Home Office. 6 years my solicitor didn't give up on me and always supported me, finally I got my visa before Christmas, which is a better result than we expected. Very professional and reasonable charges. Highly recommended.

Handren Hawrami

I have the worst experience with (Dave Vasoodaven) he's professional in trapping people with not honest promises, lies and let them feel comfortable to sign the contract then he will ignore you.
he treated my case unprofessionally, ignored my emails doesn't reply to the phone calls he just attracting clients and making them feel that everything will be fine when he handle their case !!

met him back in 2019 he was like ok don't worry I'll handle your case and this is my job you just relax and live your life, and leave the case for me. I was like wow he's the one!!! ( he lied to me about the promises and he admitted it over the phone later)

After I signed the contract with him no reply no any updates he even doesn't ask for some of the most important evidence that supports my case!!

I was chasing him regularly but he wasn't as expected when met him at day one.
He doesn't submit the evidence I passed him for the tribunal.
Overall he's the worst solicitor i ever met.

The only good thing about the company is Fadi Farahat he's the one who does his best fighting for my case in the court room.

Please avoid dave he's not good as you think and will let you down and he's not the right one to handle your case.
Cost me £2000-£2500 damages for lies and fake promises, and absolute waste a time and emotional damage

He spoke to me later to apologize about his lies and unprofessional work as he new that will be a decent review suite him,
and he told me that he said to me leave everything to me and live your life it was just a word of mouth to take the pressure out!!!!!! That moment I realised that he's a cow boy and not a solicitor to be trusted for a cases considered as a metter of life.

Please avoid him

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