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About Turquoise Laser & Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Persian Beauty Salon and Laser Clinic in Wood Green, specialise in non-surgical Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments, giving you fantastic, natural-looking cosmetic enhancements without the need for surgery. Their treatments include laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, treatments for acne and sun damage, skin tightening and cellulite treatments.

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Mahire, the owner, is professional and friendly; exactly the kind of person that makes you want to return for more! The clinic is always spotless and the prices are very reasonable. Would 100% recommend.

Gabrielle Hayward

This was THE WORST wax I have ever had. The lady was not qualified or professional. I left with bleeding arm pits and in a lot of pain even several hours later. I DO NOT recommend at all. Please avoid.

Ismail Mehmed

I went to this clinic for laser hair removal on my face. I went a few sessions and was not happy with the service provided. The fee per session kept changing, some of the personel where quick with sessions, where as others were very slow (being charged per min) . I do not understand how one session can last 45 mins, where as another one lasts 30 mins and then back to 45-50 mins, considering I was going every 2 weeks. As the session wore on, I was under the assumption that fees would stay the same, if not reduced. I did not see too much difference, so I am trying somewhere else.

Rosie Wilson

Agree with previous comments that they are unprofessional and poor staff. This salon cancelled a facial (that had been booked a week in advance), 2 hours before the appointment because it was "sunny outside" and they don't do facials when it's sunny in London. What a joke! Professional/knowledgeable beauticians advise clients to wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun after a facial (I've had peels before and this is simple, easy advice to follow). Strongly suspect the beautician was making a lazy excuse as she wanted to cancel the appointment. Very poor.

Tina E

Staff member called ebru makes personal comments when doing laser this is unprofessional and not expected from them.
They keep increasing price for laser and do not stick to their word

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