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About Sarafi Persia (Tavakoli)

Sarafi Persia (Happy Gems/Tavakoli) Β is a premier currency exchange house located in Finchley Road, London. They offer secure and convenient foreign exchange services for both private clients and local businesses.Β 

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An excellent service with a reliable, friendly and responsive consultant giving you all the assurance that your money is safe in their hands. Would definitely recommend them if you want to exchange money.

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I have been using Persia exchange for the past 3 years, never had a problem, always offered a best currency exchange rate, considering time, date of exchange they delivered an excellent service and the money was sent to the account and received by the receiver was prompt. I have never waited more then 3 days for the transaction to be paid and completed . thank you Tavakoli exchange uk

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Excellent service with friendly , polite , helpful staff. I really recommend to everyone at least try it once than you will understand how is my feeling .

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excellent service, friendly staff .
The best Sarafi ever ....πŸ‘Œ
highly recommended.

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When I did experience the service I had such a great feeling about how fast and trustful was , with polite stuff .
I really recommend to everyone at least try it once than you will understand how was my feeling .

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When the trust on your company is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective. Thanks for that feeling you deliver to me by Your great service πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚

Reza MOhebbi

Before using the Persia exchange I was very worried to used foreign money exchanges. Now every time with peace of mind, I m using Persia exchange because I get the best exchange rate they are very reliable fast wonderful customer services, it’s very easy to communicate with them I will recommended Persia exchange to all relatives and friends special thanks for their wonderful work,

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Very hesitant at the thought of using this facility for the fist time, shouldn't have worked the service was excellent the whole process very easy, very unest management wonderful customer service I will defenetly recommend persia exchange to all friend and family, and be returning to use their services. spiceal thanks to the person I dealt with

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