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About Sarafi Javan

Excellent service for all of your currency exchange and transfers needs, Sarafi Javan is a premier currency exchange house located in Ballards Lane, Finchley Central.

They offer secure and convenient foreign exchange services for both private clients and local businesses. Since their launch in 2000, they have grown to be one of London’s best and largest foreign exchange companies by offering the clients competitive foreign exchange rates and low transaction fees.

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Shahram Construction

This is a no nonsense operation.
Clever operation conducted by smart staff.

Reza Kiani

Excellent business, extremely polite/ pleasant staff, super fast service, brilliant communication and totally reliable. The money was transferred within the time frame promised to me. Their cutrency exchange rate was the best among the others. In brief, a perfect transaction, I am extremely happy with their service. I would highly recommend them and would like to thank them for their excellent work ethics, professionalism and highly reliable and friendly service.

Truth excellence

I contacted them early in the morning and informed them of the amount I wanted to exchange. As soon I I walked through the door and told the cashier I was the person who called earlier an would like to exchange my money I received a shocking response. She said sorry sorry I can’t do the exchange for you systems are down. I was so confused as I just spoke with them half an hour earlier. I left the store but something didn’t sit right with me. I walked in 5mins later they were serving other customers. Straight away I new I was being discriminated against because of the colour of my skin. I confronted the cashier and asked why I was treated in such manner and if the systems were truly down why didn’t they advise me to return. Then all of sudden the manager intervened and offered to exchange my money. After they took my money and told me the rate they then proceed to say they didn’t have the money to exchange although I informed them of the amount and they confirmed they had it in the shop. Truly disgraceful that in 2021 this how black people are treated. Sad really but never returning there again. They done me a favour by being racist because they offered me the possible rate I could imagine. I will expose this situation further as I recorded the whole incident

chantelle gardier

If I could give this place zero stars I would but you have to give it a star to be able to post your experience.

My partner who is black went in to exchange some US dollars to pounds this morning. Before he arrived at the store, he called up Javan exchange and asked them if he could come in and exchange a certain amount of money. They said yes come in and they would exchange it.

On arriving at the store, a female worker took one look at him and immediately said that they cannot exchange his money because the systems were down. She did not say when they would be back up or when he could return to have his money exchanged.

So he walked out the shop and returned literally  two minutes later, where to his surprise found them serving another customer (systems conveniently were now back on line). When questioned why he was treated with such discrimination, not even a apology or explanation was offered to him by staff or the manager.
In 2021 this type of racial discrimination should not be tolerated, its disgusting and appalling esp when this 'black' person is bringing your place of work 'business'
If this is the type of behaviour and attitude the owner wants for his/her business, people should rethink who they spend their money with.

Leo n

Highly recommend Javan Exchange!
Great service, very friendly, and professional staff.
I'm very satisfied to exchange money there.

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