Khalife Ghanad (Master Pastry) Patisserie, Finchley Central

164 Ballards Lane , Finchley Central, London, N3 2PA

About Khalife Ghanad (Master Pastry) Patisserie, Finchley Central

Khalife Ghanad (Master Pastry) is a chain of delicious Persian Patisserie that offers a great selection of Iranian sweets and pastries. All the delicious hand-made cakes, gateaux and roulades are baked freshly on premises using only fresh and natural ingredients.

The chefs at Khalife Ghanad Patisserie are well known for their talent in custom cake design and their ability to create a unique work of art specific to each individual customer’s request. As well as great selection of Persian pastries and roulades, you can find different range of Persian comestibles, seasoned nuts, dried fruits and Persian savouries. Khalife Ghanad’s third Patisserie shop is located in Ballards Lane just a few minutes from Finchley Central station

You can find other branches of Khalife Ghanad (Master Pastry) Patisserie below:


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Khayyam Vaseghi

9 months ago

چند روز قبل سفارش كيك دادم ديشب كه رفتم كيك رو بگيرم با كمال خونسردى گفتن كه حتماً جاى ديگه سفارش دادين و اصلاً اينجا نيست،بعد از اينكه فيش رو ديدن با يه آقايى به نام ارسلان تماس گرفتن و اين آقا در كمال بى خيالى گفتن كه اتفاقى هست كه افتاده و پولتون رو ميتونين پس بگيرين؛به همين راحتى....اصلاً گندى رو كه به شب تولد يه نفر زدن واسشون اهميتى نداره ...

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